Why Are MEP Services Design Critical For a Building?

Why Are MEP Services Design Critical For a Building?

Why Are MEP Services Design Critical For a Building?

Greater efficiency

Effective and cost-saving constructions rely heavily on MEP services because they are now a vital element in order to ensure a more efficient building design where the end product will be more comfortable and more functional. When designers neglect to consider the issue of MEP infrastructure, then this could result in buildings which will not be very habitable and therefore they will be completely inefficient and will not be able to provide in the needs of those people who are going to inhabit that property. MEP simply refers to mechanical, electrical and plumbing services which are a very critical part of any construction project but strangely it is often overlooked even though these services are extremely essential to ensure a comfortable human habitation. Many things are depending on effective MEP installations such as heating, air-conditioning, water management, and ventilation. MEP infrastructure is also essential for many other things such as escalators, lifts, communication systems, other critical safety functions especially those relating to security and fire detection.

The hidden asset

Most inhabitants of properties are taking the many amenities for granted and this is probably because MEP systems are mostly hidden behind bulkheads in other cases they are located in most inaccessible areas on the roof of the building or they are located in off-limits areas where they are not accessible to the average user of the property. MEP systems are like the heart and the lungs of a person, hidden and yet vitally important. Without that infrastructure, most of the things which are taken for granted will simply not be available. The system is also critical in order to ensure efficiency, comfort and the safety of people inhabiting that property. Construction projects can be very large initiatives which can require budgets running into millions of dollars and as such everything has to be perfect in order to avoid unnecessary problems. This is why it is often a very good idea to obtain the services of an MEP engineer or designer because this will ensure that most problems relating to mechanical, electrical and plumbing services are eliminated thereby ensuring the safety, the comfort and enjoyment of everyone working on living in that property.

As early as possible

Many prospective property owners sometimes ask the question about when will be the best time to consult an MEP engineer and the short answer is, as soon as possible preferably during the early design stages because delaying on this important issue can result in unnecessary risks further down the line. Without such a consulting engineer, prospective property owners can run into serious budget issues and the result may be a property which might cost substantially more to operate, which might be difficult to sustain over the long term and in a worst-case scenario such a property could be extremely harmful to the environment. This is exactly why MEP considerations are considered to be one of the most important elements in an entire construction process. There are today many highly trained and qualified MEP engineers who have the skills and the know-how to successfully engage with a team of design members right from the start during the all-important design stages in order to ensure the successful integration of MEP infrastructure while at the same time looking at important issues such as the running costs of that project and also the aesthetics.

MEP Service Design

Revit MEP

The typical approach of MEP engineers

They are people who possess the technical know-how and they are most thoroughly acquainted with all of the problems relating to building design and they also know how to create 3-D and other simulation models that will be a mirror image of the actual development although on a smaller scale. It is even possible with those models to predict and test both the environmental and energy performance of a new property. It is also possible to detect possible clashes within the system which would allow the engineers to make the adjustments to ensure that the final design will be fully functional and will be in proper coordination with the rest of the structure. Having all of these vitally important things in place will eliminate the need for extensive and costly variations later on during the actual construction process.

Environmental issues

We live in a time where everyone is concerned about the environment and therefore these are important things which have to be incorporated into the design and construction of properties. There is increasing evidence that global climate changes are making a greater impact every day on the lives of ordinary people. Apparently this is only the start and according to environmental experts things might become worse with less available water resources and rises in temperature and all of this has to be taken in consideration during the design phase of any property in order to ensure optimally efficient properties which will have as little impact as possible on the surrounding environment.


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