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MEEE Services as a company aspires to delve deeper into engineering to take full advantage of the endless possibilities it offers. Mechatronics is paving the path to advancement in technology and MEEE is treading that path. The firm boasts a team of engineers who employ an interdisciplinary approach when solving technical problems. Even though we are constantly integrating multiple disciplines like systems engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and programming, the result is a perfectly synchronized system free of flaws and errors. MEEE understands that the best products are the ones that work with both electrical and mechanical units, and we have made this an integral part of our services.


Mechatronics – Robotics Services – MEP / HVAC Services

Our mechatronics service is focused on integrating advanced concepts of mechanical engineering and electronics to come up with state-of-the-art designs and solution. The aim is to create the most efficient synergy between electrical control systems, computer engineering, programming, and system engineering in the workings of mechanical systems.

We have completed projects in the Automation, Robotics and Control area and successful execution is contingent on thorough research in the innovation, design, and model evaluation of novel mechatronics systems and applications to automation. MEEE focuses on the consummate fusion of mechanical and electrical disciplines in modern engineering operations in order to achieve a cost-effective and highly efficient balance between mechanical systems, automation, and control.

Artificial Intelligence, an integral part of the future we are trying to build, has been adopted extensively into our system of operation and the results so far are astounding. We have achieved remarkable success in the process of applying machine learning algorithms to the drones and robots we have come up with. This is a much-needed step in the process of achieving full automation of mechatronics systems and we have a team of qualified big data scientists and Internet of Things (IoT) experts who ensure the fruition of our projects.

electrical services

We are veterans in the field of mechatronics and we possess a plethora of experience in the integration of these interconnected systems. This complex interaction and integration are required in order to come up with solutions such as search and rescue robots, advanced manufacturing systems, and intelligent automation systems.

Even though MEEE has been in existence for a relatively short period, this, in no way undermines the quality and value of the consulting services we offer. The attention given to each technical problem, the practicality and innovativeness involved in creating solutions to that problem; these underlie the work ethics of each member of the team.

More than the services MEEE provides, a feature that is just as important is customer satisfaction. The company makes certain customers leave with perfect solutions to their problems, enabling a long-lasting relationship where both parties benefit from.


The idea is to take a customer’s problem, deliberate and experiment on it in order to find the best solution. From the initial design on paper right down to the completed product, there is strict adherence to customer requirements. Reputable clients have continually sought MEEE’s services and this relationship is very telling of the company’s competencies and capabilities.

Every company offers a distinct set of services while working to achieve a particular set of goals and MEEE is no different. The unity between our services and our aspirations links us to our customers and the wider world. It is by providing answers to their questions we simultaneously achieve our aims. MEEE has taken cognizance of the broad field of engineering and focuses on the most potent aspects of it, namely:


  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical engineering design
  • Power electrical systems
  • Electronic design
  • Solar, wind and hybrid design
  • Prototyping & manufacturing of electronic and mechanical components
  • MEP / HVAC design


  • Giving birth to ideas and concepts which ultimately turn out to be novel solutions to intractable problems.
  • Efficient customer support for all projects from conception to completion.
  • Free advice and consultations services on completed projects for customers.
  • Providing cost-effective solutions for every project.

Merging mechanical and electronic components to achieve a synergy that yields an expected end is an integral process to the future we desire. Mechatronics is the answer to tomorrow’s questions. Worldwide, mechatronics is rapidly changing the world and to this end, engineers in several industries have adopted this newly burgeoning field of expertise. They work in cross-discipline teams to ensure the best design and smooth development of highly integrated mechanical and electronic systems. These engineers aim for means whereby the world can be further developed and modernized.

MEEE comes up with an idea; nothing but a simple idea, but precise and complex thinking expands on it until it is agreed that idea can become reality. This new idea is outlined countless of times; uncountable designs are made and re-made and plans are accepted and foregone. The care and attention given to each design are not without reason. The aim is to produce something immaculately functional; to bring forth something unique which serves a great and essential purpose. When the team is certain of a chosen design, next begins the manufacturing process that breathes life into that simple idea. The end result of all this is a product that does much more than initially expected; a product that serves more purposes than its primary one. That is not the end though, as the team learns from their latest creation; to see if anything can be developed on; to create something even greater than the previous innovation.


Providing great services not withstanding, the more important and primary aim of the teams at MEEE is the relationship with their customers. The most important thing of all is not the manufacture of a piece of equipment that could even be labeled a technical and technological marvel, but rather to make certain customers are left complete and utterly satisfied when they walk through and exit the doors of the company.

The modern world is run by industries, business, and corporations, and MEEE understands why anonymity is necessary. The company guarantees a safe relationship with its clients or customers, at the same time giving full attention to each and every request without foregoing quality and value.

MEEE might not be the oldest company in existence but its accolades speak for it. In the few years of existence, we have attended to diverse problems presented by customers and we have received very encouraging feedback. The company ensures a smooth working relationship between the engineers and the clients as a halcyon environment breeds understanding, creativity, and high level of efficiency. The professionalism displayed by our engineers evinces competency and further bolsters our relationship with clients.

  • Robots
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Drones
  • Control Systems
  • Robotic Arms
  • Automation
  • Programming and New Electronic Design
  • Designing of High Precision Robotic Arms
  • Mechanical Design for Different Applications with Simulation
  • Designing Customized Sensors and Transducers for a Variety of Applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Transportation sector
  • Industrial automation areas
  • Machine remote monitoring and control
  • Smart utilities and smart home systems
  • Safety devices
  • Consumer products
  • 3D Designing using Solidworks and AutoCAD
  • Cutting List
  • 3D Modeling
  • Shop Drawings
  • CTA (Consultation)
  • Cutting Tool Design
  • CNC Programming
  • (G-Code) writing
  • Injection Molds
  • Sheet Metalworking
  • Casting
  • Aluminum Die Casting
  • Machine Tool Design
  • Conveyor Design
  • Vehicle Design
  • Consultations
  • Analog Design
  • Digital Design
  • PCB Design
  • Sensor Control Systems
  • Lighting Control Design
  • Control Panel Design
  • Power System Design
  • Design of Hot Water Boilers
  • Design of Steam Boilers
  • Design of Hybrid Boilers
  • Thermodynamic Cycles for Steam Boilers
  • Designing Piping Systems for Boilers
  • Medical Device Design and Development
  • Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • Pain Meters
  • Pumps &Tubing
  • Motion Controls

• Prototyping and manufacturing of electronic design (PCB, PCBA)
• Prototyping of mechanical components and systems(plastic, metal, sheet plate metal)
• 3D printing services

  • Solar and hybrid system design
  • Wind energy
  • Geothermal
  • SWH systems

From the start of our establishment and as a routine working discipline aimed at assuring the best quality services to our customers, to each customer project a highly experienced manager and technical engineer is assigned who manage and supervise the project from its initial stages to toward its full completion. Our customer support service even extends after the completion and delivery of the project until the satisfaction of our customers is fully achieved. This work principle has led to the building of a trusting and professional relationship with our customers and even beyond developing a continued relationship with our clients and customers.

  • Stadium Lighting Design
  • Exterior Lighting Design
  • Gallery Lighting Design
  • Meeting Lighting Design
  • HVAC
  • Heat Transfer
  • Refrigeration
  • Plumbing
  • Building Electrical design
  • Water Treatment
  • Technical Consultation
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