What is CoWatch and How Does It Work?

What is CoWatch and How Does It Work?

What is CoWatch and How Does It Work?

Many of you might know it from the post on Indiegogo appealing for your support. For others, they just stumbled upon a fancy watch that promised to do cool stuff. Perhaps, this is the first time you’re learning about the device, it doesn’t matter. Today, you will know what CoWatch is and how it works.

How Did CoWatch Come into Existence?

Are you in a crowded room? If you’re not, picture yourself in one of those rooms. How many people do you see looking into their phone screen? If you’re in a typical room, then you’ll see that there are quite a lot.

This was the issue Danny Dong, the CEO of iMCO, identified that prompted the development of CoWatch. He witnessed how people constantly check their phones to get information daily and this made him think of how he could redefine how people carried technology.

What is the CoWatch?

The design is both attractive and simple, with a circular stainless-steel body and a metal band that augments the frame. Many critics claim that the style is not as elegant compared to some other smartwatches in the market today, however, the CoWatch was designed to serve both casual and official purposes.

The frame is available in either white or black color and leather bands are also made available for an extra charge.

The Technology Behind the CoWatch

A company known as Ingenic makes the dual-core chipset, providing 1GB of RAM and about 8GB of storage. There’s just one button on this watch and it is used to either put the watch to sleep or to wake it up (unlike the Apple watch with two buttons). The display makes use of the AMOLED technology and a 400 x 400 resolution. This makes the screen bright and easy to read when it is indoor.

What Operating System Does CoWatch Use?

The Cronologics OS, an Android-based OS, which was developed by professionals formerly at Google and Android is the underpinning operating system. The good news is that it works with both Android phones and iPhones. The bad news? It gives off that Android-experience and the pairing are more seamless with an Android compared to an iPhone.

Alexa Voice Control with the CoWatch

This is probably the biggest selling point for this technology. Even though the CoWatch is not directly associated with Amazon, it is being marketed on the platform and it is interfaced with the amazing Alexa. This means that you can control the digital assistant using your CoWatch. This feature (being the first to bring Alexa to our wrists) has earned it the eponym, Alexa watch.

This smartwatch also has the IFTTT integration, meaning that you can assign recipes to automate tasks like controlling the lights in a room or making a phone call to a loved one. Although at the time of this writing, the operation is not as consistent.

What is the Battery Life of the CoWatch?

With a battery capacity of 300mAh, the company promises you that your watch will stay on for about 32 hours. However, this is a stretch because we’ve observed that the always-on screen only goes dim when you’re not actively making use of the watch. Also, there’s no battery-saver mode that you can switch to in order to maximize the battery life.

The CoWatch can also be set for Bluetooth tethering. This will allow prompt and seamless operation with Alexa. Although doing this means that you get quicker access to certain information, it also means that your battery runs out quicker.

The best way to maximize the battery life of this device is to turn the display off. This should give you the freedom to enjoy it for a couple of days. Also, there’s a battery widget that can be used to keep an eye on the status.

How Do You Charge the CoWatch?

If you want to charge the device, use the cradle with magnetic pins shaped like a disc. These pins will clip on to the back of the watch and with this, charging from 0% to a full charge will take a few hours.


There’s no doubt that the CoWatch brings a couple of exciting ideas to how smartwatches are to be made. It is also a device that shows potential. The integration of Alexa, as well as the IFTTT support, are laudable feats, yet, the overall performance still makes it a work in progress.

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