What is an HVAC Zoning System and how it helps your Home?

What is an HVAC Zoning System and how it helps your Home?

What is an HVAC Zoning System and how it helps your Home?


HVAC Zoning has been present since the implementation of cooling and heating devices such as radiators and air conditioners in buildings. But nowadays people use one centralized unit for both tasks. This unit which is the HVAC System is in most applications controlled by a single thermostat and that is a very bad implementation as it doesn’t provide comfort throughout the whole house. For example, the second floor will be very hot in the summer and the downstairs will be bone-chilling cold in the winter. Therefore, having a Zoning HVAC System is the best way to achieve both comfort and efficiency. So what is an HVAC Zoning System? How does it work? And what’s the benefit of HVAC Zoning Systems?

What is an HVAC zoning system?

  • what is an HVAC System?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning are what keeps our buildings in environmental comfort. Although for some people in some regions with extreme tough whether an HVAC System doesn’t belong to the comfort category, it’s a must. Now maintaining this system and keeping it running for a long time period could be very expensive, so having some ways to keep it under budget and lower the numbers in the bills could be very helpful. One of these ways is having an HVAC Zoning System.

  • what is an HVAC Zoning System?

An HVAC zoning system is simply a system that divides your home into areas that can be controlled each separately, unlike traditional or the simple HVAC Systems that bring the entire house to the same temperature level. Imagine having all the lamps in a house controlled with one switch, once you turn it off, the whole house will be dark, and when you turn it on the whole house is lit. This can be pretty annoying for other people in the house doing different activities and it is definitely a higher bill to pay.

Zoning HVAC System


How does the HVAC Zoning System work?

Zoning is a simple concept, it makes the house owners able to control temperature and only condition the rooms that need heating or cooling and blocks the conditioned air from accessing into rooms that do not require it. The way to make this possible is by adding some products along the HVAC System.

Motorized dampers are basically a flip-up plate inside a duct controlled by a motor to open for air flow or close to prevent the air from going that path. The motors receive and transmit feedback to the main controller so it will operate depending on the thermostat reading in that zone. If a single room or a zone is served by multiple ducts, motorized dampers can be controlled together too.

Motorized dampers

Thermostat for each zone, as the house is divided to multiple zones, each area will have its own reading to determine whether that zone requires heating, cooling, fan speed adjustment or closing the motorized damper. Thermostats are easy to install and they can be connected to the central control panel with a cable or even wireless connection.

A Central Control Panel, All the thermostat around the house are connected to a central control panel as well as the motorized dampers, the control panel itself connects to the connections on the HVAC unit. This allows the unit to be controlled by each thermostat.

Whenever a thermostat calls for cooling or heating, the control panel will take the first call from any zone; for example, if it’s too cold, the dampers for the satisfied zones will shut close whereas it will keep open for the calling zone, the heat pump or furnace will be activated to supply the needs, while all of this is going on if another zone called for heating too, its motorized damper will open up and hot air will be supplied to that area too.

The Benefits from HVAC Zoning

3 major benefits come with installing a Zoned HVAC System or upgrading to one:

  • Lower energy monthly bills

Thanks to the zoning HVAC system, you are no longer overcooling or overheating parts of the house that doesn’t really require it. This, in turn, makes you saving energy and lowering your utility bills. 

The majority of homes need more cooling in the summer and less heating in the winner on the second floor because heat naturally rises, so zoning for houses with more than one story will benefit even more.

Zoning also allows you to use less expensive heavy power consumer heating or cooling system as it is unlikely to be serving the whole house at once, that will also help reducing wear and tear on your existing system and extend its life.

  • Comfort

You can finally leave in peace and forget all the arguments with your family about what temperature is the best with every member of the household as each person can set their ideal temperature for the room they are in. Zoning also gets rid of uncomfortable warm or drafty areas.

You can now control the temperature even wirelessly via your phone or computer.

  • Better indoor environment and air quality

Homes with more than one unit or with ductless systems can benefit from zoning systems by keeping each zone separate and don’t let the same air circulate around the whole home. This keeps many contaminants from spreading throughout the whole house such as dust, pollen, dirt, pet dander, etc…

Zoning can also prevent eye irritation, allergy symptoms, skin rashes, and other health problems.


HVAC Zoning System is the way to go, for what it can provide comfort, health and energy efficiency. It is easy to install, doesn’t cost that much especially when comparing it to how much it will save in the future. Upgrading is easy too. All the components mentioned earlier could fit in to basically every old HVAC System and they’re getting easier and easier to integrate with offerings nowadays for wireless thermostats no cables are required.

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