What is a SureShifter and How Does it Work?

What is a SureShifter and How Does it Work?

What is a SureShifter and How Does it Work?

There are so many reasons why people love to drive at night. The roads are always free and devoid of congestion, the weather is usually chilly, and the view is amazing! But there’s one major drawback to this style for those who drive a stick shift; the gear is not always visible. Even professional drivers sometimes have issues with knowing the right selection and this can cause further complications.

The simple solution to this seemingly intractable problem is a SureShifter.

If you have not heard about this sort of technology before now, you’re not alone. This post was written with you in mind.

What is a SureShifter?

The concept of the SureShifter is quite thrilling and the way it works is surprisingly easy to follow. The product comes with LED beacons that illuminate and help the driver know the transmission speed shift pattern. Some of these knobs work for the five-speed knobs while others work with the six-speed knobs.

The LED can also be colored as you please. There’s a Mustang 360 Sure Shifter that beams a green LED and some others reflect orange. Once a particular gear is selected, the LED for that particular gear is activated and then the light turns red.

This product is not just suitable for nighttime driving; it also helps for those who have issues seeing the inscription on the transmission stick.

Products Available in the Market:

The SURESHIFTER gear shift knob

The SURESHIFTER gear shift knob is described by the manufacturer as an LED illuminated gear selection indicator that was built to improve a driver’s performance while shifting gears. This product particularly comes in handy in the dark.

The brain behind this innovation is TVK Industries and they define themselves ass a courageous company that is willing and able to deliver innovative products. Their mantra is to turn problems into profits and they have well-qualified management and technical teams to see projects through.

TVK’s SURESHIFTER gear shift knob

gear shift knob

Sure T Shifter

They also provide a retrofit illuminated gear selection indicator for 4-speed, 5-speed, and 6-speed transmissions. The construction of the shift knob is from Delrin and there are other options such as the billet aluminum which can either come with or without the anodizing. A beauty ring comes as part of the options provided and a blackout lens serves as the display cover.

The display also has a brightness control that is automatic, furthermore, there’s a warning sent out to the driver when the Reverse gear is activated.  For the Reverse also, the indicator blinks and vibrates, just to alert the driver. When the transmission is in neutral, every LED indicator turns green and then when any other gear is engaged, the LED for that particular gear turns red.

Cost of the SureShifter Product

The Black Delrin 5-speed illuminated manual gear selection indicator shiftknob (SURESHIFTER®) with “Blackout lens”, ambient light sensor, and a vibrating reverse indicator is available for $175 and this cost includes shipping.

There’s the SureShifter Classic with a modified carbon black Delrin shiftknob and LED backlit shift-pattern and red blinking/vibrating Reverse indicator. This product connects to a 12-volt power and has a backup light wire. It also comes with the blackout lens and auto-dimming features for nighttime driving. It costs $60.

SureShifter Corvette Package

The angle is specially fabricated and is illuminated with the gear selection indicators. It can be adapted to the 6-speed application and it also has auto dimming features. You can purchase this for $275.

Cost of the Surematic

This is basically designed for the 3 and 4-speed transmissions and it is equipped with a number of grip shifters including the B&M Quicksilver, the Ratchet, and the Pistol. Before you can install this product, you need to remove and replace the OEM shift knob with a custom illuminated shift knob and then install the sensor apparatus at the base of the shift lever.

The basic Black Delrin for 3-speed transmission gears starts at $250.

Cost of the RangeFinderPro

This is a retrofit application that is designed for the OEM, Atlas, and Staxx transfer cases. It is extremely durable and was built to be watertight for extreme conditions. There’s a sensor ring that is attached to the base of the shift lever and there’s another activating magnetic ring that is attached to the gear lever.


At the moment, there are other companies striving to create similar products that achieve the same aim, but for now, TVK Industries is the pioneer. You can learn more about the products they offer here.

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