What are the outstanding features of Raspberry Pi 4?

What are the outstanding features of Raspberry Pi 4?

What are the outstanding features of Raspberry Pi 4?

What is the Raspberry Pi 4?

The BBC Model A was a computer system which was launched in 1981. It was one of two machines manufactured by Acorn. Although this computer was considered to be very expensive it did have attractive expansion possibilities. It was possible to add a second processor, additional disk drives and better transfer capabilities. This prehistoric computer has inspired the creation of the Raspberry Pi range of computers. The Raspberry Pi 4 is approximately the size of a credit card and it is a very affordable personal computer solution. Such a computer can be obtained at a little over $30. Originally this computer has been designed for educational purposes.

Programming training for students

At first, students were making use of the Raspberry Pi computers to learn how to program. Many other interested parties also started to show an interest in the Raspberry Pi such as engineers, inventors, and others in that field. Although there are many modern computers that of a lot faster than the Raspberry Pi but still this tiny computer is fully capable of running Linux and it has many interesting capabilities which can be beneficial to its users.

The Raspberry Pi features

One of the best-selling products in the Raspberry Pi family is the Raspberry Pi 3. This small computer was launched in February 2016. This was followed by an upgraded version in 2017. Because of the success of this computer, many people are now anxiously waiting for the long-awaited Raspberry Pi 4. There is also a lot of speculation among fans of this computer as to what improvements can be expected. Several upgrades are expected but there is no firm evidence of exactly what the manufacturers could be expected to do. However, people have looked at the improvements which have been made since 2012 and based on that they have certain expectations regarding the Raspberry Pi 4. Since the Raspberry Pi has been introduced every subsequent model have received certain upgrades to features such as connectivity, memory, and processor. Many people are convinced that it is only logical to expect significant improvements when the Raspberry Pi 4 is eventually released.

What is the Raspberry Pi4Some popular expectations

Most fans of the Raspberry Pi are convinced that one of the upgrades will be increased memory capacity. With every prior release, memory has always been more or less doubled. In the case of the Raspberry Pi 3, it was fitted with 1 GB RAM and therefore most people are convinced that it is reasonable to expect that the Raspberry Pi 4 will have at least 2 GB RAM but it might even be as much as 4 GB. With every new release, there was also increases in processor speed and that is why this is also something which is expected by consumers. In the case of the Raspberry Pi 3, it has been fitted with an ARM Cortex-A53 CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz. Another very persistent rumor which is circulating is an upgrade which will involve the USB ports of the Raspberry Pi 4. Many people expect the new computer to be fitted with USB type C ports. This will substantially enhance connectivity and it will significantly improve the current transfer speeds.

The Google partnership

After the partnership between Raspberry Pi and Google has been announced there is now persistent rumors relating to sophisticated AI capabilities for the Raspberry Pi 4. Some of the things which might be included in the Raspberry Pi 4 is features such as facial recognition and also in language processing. Unfortunately, no one has been able to get any kind of confirmation from Google regarding these expectations. The only statement which was released by Google is that they are always interested in creating smart tools for makers and that they desired to hear from users about the things which they consider most helpful. As a form of gratitude, Google will then share their findings with the community so people can learn more from makers around the world.


It now seems that consumers will have no other choice but to patiently wait until more information is released by either Google or Raspberry Pi. On the positive side, this innovative manufacturer has not yet let down their loyal supporters. Therefore, people may be justified to expect all of the upgrades which have been discussed in this article and possibly more. It is very likely that people will be pleasantly surprised when the Raspberry Pi 4 is eventually released. It has been said that all good things come to those who wait for it patiently.

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