What are the New Generations of Microcontrollers Used in Automotive Applications?

What are the New Generations of Microcontrollers Used in Automotive Applications?

What are the New Generations of Microcontrollers Used in Automotive Applications?

Don’t you think that the world has changed massively in such a way that humans had never experienced before? Of course, we don’t think, we certainly know that it has changed. It’s so amazing that the kind of discussions that take place in science seminars, technology conferences, Ted talks and even in academic settings have all shifted from talking about the manual way of utilization to automatic.

We’ve seen the way the landlines gradually changed to the manual handheld devices and presently becoming redefined and advanced with automatic technological applications.

Talking about automatic technological applications, this is clearly seen in automobiles nowadays.  The automobile makers have advanced the manufacturing of automobiles through the use of automotive applications. These applications are being made from the use of microcontrollers.

What are Microcontrollers?

A microcontroller is defined as a small chip that’s being used as an embedded system in various equipment and devices. In recent times, they have evolved to be very useful and indispensable. They are referred to as the new generation microcontrollers.

These microcontrollers usually consume work at both clock rate frequencies and four-bit expressions. They include the following: Serial and Parallel I/O, Analog to Digital & Digital to Analog Conversion, Flash memory and PROM, An 8-bit or 16-bit microprocessor and Signal generators and Timers.  

It’s worth a mention that the use of several types of microcontrollers is increasing by the day in automobile’s electronics. This increase also includes the rest of the electronic control units (ECUs)

What are the Uses of Microcontrollers?

We mentioned earlier that their usage in automobiles is indispensable, but is it only in automobiles that they are useful? No, they have other applications in other areas ranging from large equipment to small devices such as airplane navigation system, mainframe computers, digital watches, air conditioning units, and cell phones.

They are mainly used for operations such as processing needs and electrical systems. However, in the automobiles, they play vital roles in managing electronic control units (ECU) functions such as taillights, power windows, steering, braking, and headlights. With all these numerous benefits of microcontrollers in automobiles, we need to identify the new generation ones that are being used in automotive applications.

New Generations of Microcontrollers

What are the new generations of microcontrollers that are being used in automotive applications?

1) The Marvell 88MW320/322 Wi-Fi Microcontroller

It’s a system-on-chip (SoC) with low-power and highly integrated chip that has features that are built using 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and ARM Cortex-M4F CPU. This automotive microcontroller makes it possible for the modern generation of connected devices to interact seamlessly with cloud services, and mobile clients.

With this, it delivers innovative services and redefines the consumer’s experience. The application of Marvell microcontrollers in devices and applications are used to enable connectivity. Such devices and applications include the following: Smart Devices, Gateways, Smart Home, Smart accessories, and Smart Devices.

Marvell 88MW320/322 Wi-Fi Microcontroller

Marvell 88MW320/322 Wi-Fi Microcontroller

2) Peripheral Interface Microcontroller

They are made and controlled in ways that they are able to control a generation line and as well perform multiple tasks. They are popularly called PIC for short. These microcontrollers have several uses in several applications such as medical devices, smartphones, and audio accessories. Examples of these PIC microcontrollers that are available are PIC18F458 and PIC18F258. Asides the obvious that they are affordable flash microcontrollers, they are mostly utilized in automobiles.

3) Infineon Tri-core Microcontroller

This microcontroller is a 32-bit microcontroller and it was built by Infineon. These microcontrollers are so much indispensable to the extent that more than 45 automotive brands use them during assembling. This shows that virtually every automobile that plies the road has a Tri-core microcontroller embedded within it.

They basically reduce both the level of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions for optimal usage. Other areas where they are being utilized include in the gearboxes and in the control units. Hybrid and electrical vehicles also use them.

Infineon Tri-core Microcontroller

Infineon Tri-core Microcontroller

4) Renesas Microcontroller

This is from the latest microcontroller that offers embedded functional security and safety characteristics for advanced and modern automotive applications. Furthermore, it also offers lower power consumption and high performance.

It is confirmed that these microcontrollers offer other microcontroller families some useful applications. For example, the memory variation; 8 flash/512K RAM was gotten from 32K flash/4K Ram. This is as a result of the offers from the RX family. 

In order to attain very high performance, this microcontroller uses 32-bit enhanced Harvard CISC architecture. Another example of the Renesas microcontroller is the metal-oxide nitride-oxide silicon. This is used for attaining increased MCU performance for automotive applications.

Renesas Microcontroller

Renesas Microcontroller


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