What Are the Business Benefits of Professional MEP Engineering Services?

What Are the Business Benefits of Professional MEP Engineering Services?

What Are the Business Benefits of Professional MEP Engineering Services?

Introduction to MEP Engineering

What is MEP Engineering?

What is MEP Engineerin

Figure 1: What is MEP Engineering?

MEP Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), also known as building services in many countries such as Canada, the UK, and Australia, represents the three main aspects of a building design.   They include the electrical design, the mechanical design and finally the plumbing design. MEP Design Engineers will have the task of planning, decision making, and accurately making the necessary documentation among other tasks. An MEP Engineering Team must encompass and understand a broad range of disciplines in order to be able to properly provide the best services and do the right job. The importance of hiring an MEP Engineering team is due to the growing level of work and sophistication of current compounds. As houses and residential areas are getting more complex to provide more comfort and security for the occupants, it is extremely important to hire MEP Engineers for these tasks.

What are the Different Components of MEP Engineering?

What are the different Components of MEP Engineering

Figure 2: What are the different Components of MEP Engineering?

MEP design or building services include the followings:

Mechanical service

the mechanical service is usually a superset of HVAC services (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). The goal of the mechanical service in MEP Engineering is to provide a comfortable environment for the occupants of the residential or industrial areas and set an ideal temperature and humidity level for the machines and equipment inside a factory or an enclosed area. An MEP designer and engineer will work on various tasks such as humidity controlling, air filtration, cooling and heating among other things. The key challenges a mechanical design engineer will face are the efficiency and cost-effective electrical or water consumption rates of the compound.

Mechanical Aspect

Figure 3: Mechanical Aspect

Electrical Service

the two main aspects of the electrical service are:

a. Alternating current

this aspect concerns the power supplying of a building or house, An MEP Engineer will put up a plan for the electrical wiring of the compound and the security of the electronic equipment in case the power goes off.

b. Information technology

Due to technological advancements in the construction of modern houses, a new feature is added which is Information Technology. This feature covers the planning and electrical installations needed for computer networking, telephones, television, security systems, audio distribution, healthcare systems, robotics, and many more.

Electrical Aspect

Figure 4: Electrical Aspect

Plumbing service

This aspect covers the planning and installation of water pipes, air distribution and control, sewerage, stormwater, natural gas, and sometimes rainwater collection and storage, heated water and many more.

Plumbing Aspect

Figure 5: Plumbing Aspect

What are the Different Types of MEP engineering services?

What are the Different Types of MEP engineering services?

Figure 6: What are the Different Types of MEP engineering services?

Below describes the detailed MEP engineering services:

a. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems services.

b. Heating and chilling Water Systems services.

c. Central Plant Designing.

d. Comprehensive Electrical System Designing.

e. Critical Power Systems analysis.

f. Lightning Protection Services.

g. Domestic Cold and Hot Water services.

h. Fuel Gas Piping installing.

i. Performance Specification of Automatic Sprinkler Systems services.

j. Utility Monitoring.

k. Architectural Lighting Plan Design.

l. Audio and Visual System Design.

m. System Documentation.

n. Displacement Ventilation services.

It should be emphasized that fire protection systems are now considered as an additional service of MEP and that why it is sometimes called MEPF.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a professional MEP Engineer

Benefits and Pros of Professional MEP Engineering Services  

The advantages of MEP Services include the followings which make MEP necessary for a building or compound:

a. Choosing the right equipment. We all know that the best performance can be easily achieved by using the best equipment for a proper job. The MEP Engineer will help with the sizing and selecting of equipment such as transformers, cables, Circuit breakers, UPS, Battery, and Battery charger. By choosing the proper equipment, the MEP Engineer will get rid of the installation of unnecessary Oversized equipment thus saving valuable time, money and space.

b. Designing and installing a proper power distribution network for a plant or a building.

c. Preparing a drawing explaining and displaying the arrangement of the electrical equipment.

d. Providing a good layout that will help out with reducing the total length of conduit, piping, and ductwork, thus saving a significant amount of both time and money.

e. Considering the maintenance aspect during the design process for lowering the maintenance cost.

f. Providing the necessary documentation so that everything is organized and all the information is available for future reference.

g. Taking care of every MEP issues related to the building so that there is no need to hire more engineers and it means more saved money.

Drawbacks and Cons of Professional MEP Engineering Services

Even though hiring a professional MEP Engineer can be extremely beneficial to a business or the owner; however, this does not mean that it comes without any drawbacks or disadvantages. Here are a few cons that come with hiring a professional MEP Engineer:

a. Some companies that provide MEP Engineering Services may be a bit expensive.

b. Some small tasks and insignificant ones may not require a fully professional team of MEP Engineers.

c. The Professional MEP Engineer will take full charge of almost all applications and processes in the building; therefore, the project owner may not have his/her full control.



In conclusion, MEP Engineering services are something that is highly important and vital to almost all building application and tasks that require the three major elements of MEP Engineering; i.e., the Mechanical service, the Electrical service, and the Plumbing service. It is estimated that the market of MEP Engineering Service is growing at an impressing rate due to the booming of technology and more sophistication of residential as well as industrial compounds. Among the most important aspects of MEP are its applications in smart homes and smart cities.

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