What are the Best IoT-Based Children Safety Devices?

What are the Best IoT-Based Children Safety Devices?

What are the Best IoT-Based Children Safety Devices?

Most debates surrounding IoT highlight one particular drawback; they create a security challenge for users. The argument is always centered around how constant interconnection can be exploited to compromise the data stored or collect private information. But this doesn’t mean that IoT devices are inherently unsafe, in fact, this post is an exposition of how IoT-based children devices can be used to ensure the security of your wards.

This list is in no way exhaustive, there are thousands (if not millions) of products available that leverage IoT to carry out wonderful safety hacks. But the ones listed here can be thought of as some of the most popular.


Mimo smart baby monitoring device

In no particular order, here they are.

Fever Scout Wearable Thermometer

In the age of wearables, a thermometer seems like the most basic use of technology. But this simple product is saving the lives of children in unimaginable ways. This particular product takes the form of a soft patch that is flexible and cannot easily be detected (the child might not even know that they’re wearing it).

This app collects the temperature of the child every minute and then sends the data collected to a mobile application installed on your device. It is presented in form of a graph and this graph can be viewed by the parent in order to have a clearer picture of the child’s temperature.

Safety Devices

Fever Scout Wearable Thermometer

Smart Toothbrush

Admit it; as a kid, you hated brushing your teeth early in the morning. What if you had a product that could coerce your child into brushing twice daily? That would be really exciting, right? If this sounds like a good idea, you have the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush to thank.

This product has rounded bristles that doesn’t allow children scratch their gums while they’re brushing their teeth. It also has a sonic action that removes plaque. A mobile app is also available to teach your child good dental habits. One last thing; your child’s brushing habit is monitored and sent to you, just to eliminate the need to constantly check up on them.

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

Smart Button for Checking Up on Babies

The first few months into having a new baby is regarded as the hardest and this is usually because this is the period where the parents are expected to wake up every few hours to check up on the kids. But the MonBaby Smart Button eliminates this stressful exercise and allows you and your baby to sleep soundly.

If your baby mistakenly rolls on his/her stomach, you are immediately alerted as this has the potential to escalate into something unwholesome. This product also comes in handy when you have babysitters and parents watching your baby.

Self-Installing Car Seat

While we know that the baby car seat industry is big business, research has shown us that many of the car seats purchased are fitted wrongly; 80% to be precise. The 4Moms Self-Installing Car Seat checks and confirms that the car is safe to use and that there’s no issue along the way.

Their car seats also meet the safety standards required and it even goes further, providing protection (steel reinforced and aluminum crash bars) against side impact.

Self-Installing Car Seat

Self-Installing Car Seat

Tracking Safety Devices

You really thought we would complete this post without giving these devices an honorable mention? Absolutely not! It is every parent’s wish to see their little bundle of delight running around the house, making sweet little sounds as they go. But when the footsteps begin to wane and the sounds get attenuated, the parents go into a frenzy!

One simple trick solves this problem; a tracking device for the kids. It is not a must you get something fancy or sophisticated, all you need is a device that works. While it is recommended for all parents, it is mandatory for families with pools or gardens nearby.

For peace of mind, get a tracker that gives you real-time updates of the whereabouts of your child. Also, some products available on the market today can be interfaced with mobile or web applications, making the process of tracking relatively easy.


It is evident that IoT is spreading fast across borders, demonstrating its importance in virtually every field and the safety of children is no exception. Whether it’s a product that monitors the temperature of your kids, or one that helps them brush their teeth, or even a mobile app that tracks their whereabouts, the goal is simple; to ensure the safety of your children using the internet of things framework.

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