What are the applications of AI for MEP firms?

What are the applications of AI for MEP firms?

What are the applications of AI for MEP firms?

The current situation

There is a lot of man-hours spent in the industry to see exactly how construction, engineering, and architecture currently perform within the constraints plaguing those industries and how the proposed integration with artificial intelligence would impact those industries. As everyone knows there has been tremendous progress made as far as sophisticated technologies are concerned and likewise the progress as far as sophisticated AI’s is concerned has been mind-boggling. There are many areas where artificial intelligence shows incredible promise and where the savings obtained this way can be outstanding. Most industry specialists agree as far as individual creativity is concerned the human mind is still superior to artificial intelligence but when it comes to repetition and following the same boring routine 24/7/365 then AI’s have a clear advantage. This is also true of risk-prone environments where IOD’s frequently occur or where there is a possibility of serious injury, then the availability of AI’s is really a good thing.

Rapid development

Many changes are not only necessary for human development and progress, but some are also vitally important because failure to adapt can be disastrous and in business, it can be suicidal because it allows the competition to get ahead. Nevertheless, some changes can be frightening and history has shown that it can take humans a long time to embrace change and in some cases, the resentment can be particularly strong especially when peoples job security is threatened by machines. The rapid progress in the development of AI is especially frightening to people who are unschooled and those in minimal skills jobs which can be done better and more effectively by robots. However, from a business point of view, the benefits are too favorable to ignore and especially large technological corporations are eager to have suitable systems in place as quickly as possible. Some corporations make use of heuristic algorithms which is something contained in AI studies and research. Many industries already have a very strong AI influence and the impact of AI is spreading daily. The question to corporate CEO’s is, therefore, do your corporation have a strategy in place as far as AI is concerned?

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

AI can do a lot for MEP’s that is mechanical, electrical and plumbing applications. Newcomers to the AI concept should know that the tools used by artificial intelligence are truly extraordinary pieces of modern automation. Intensive testing has clearly proven that certain tasks can be performed a lot better by automation but in areas of creativity, humans are still on top. Creativity as a concept is not something that is mentioned that often in engineering but there are similar concepts such as ingenuity, innovative approaches, and hybrid systems. All MEP will have to become more creative in their approach to AI tools and should prepare their employees because AI tools can revolutionize these industries. Once the leap has been made and AI integration has taken place that information can be used in your marketing campaigns to generate more business and ensure the future growth of that business. Everything that helps to distinguish your business in a competitive market should be used as much as possible.

The focus on relationships

Relationships are always of critical importance to any MEP firm regardless of what they are doing, whether it be designing or subcontracting or another form of construction. Research over many decades has clearly shown how vital the relationship factor is in any kind of business endeavor. Now with the integration of artificial intelligence, there are those that say that relationships will be even more vital. This will be especially true of those industries who are into drawing and modeling production which has become automated. AI and other industry specialists reckon that such businesses may have to critically depend on relationships to ensure growth and business success.  Every large corporation will have to find more effective ways to streamline their relationship building and its outreach programs. Budgets should allow for aggressive outreach programs which have viable objectives to ensure a healthy return on investment over the long term. Not only large corporations but also middle size business enterprises should consider the appointment of a dedicated customer relationship manager whose duty it should be to draw up a strategy in order to engage with vital role players in the industry. Every attempt should be made to find suitable clients for that business and never forget to engage all stakeholders in that business so that they can contribute to your relationship building campaign.

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