What are Smart Curtains and How Smart Are They?

What are Smart Curtains and How Smart Are They?

What are Smart Curtains and How Smart Are They?

Are you tired of manually closing and opening the curtains in your home? Perhaps, you’ve watched several movies where the actress wakes up to a glint of the sun and you’ll love the same. Well, smart curtains are out to make your dream a reality.

What are Smart Curtains?

Smart curtains are curtains fitted with motorized devices and sensors. These devices control the movement of the curtain such that it can be connected to an alarm clock, it can open and close at random, or even monitor the location of its users and use this to regulate the temperature of your home.

Existing Products in the Market


The slide is unarguably the most popular smart curtain available. This is partly it doubles as the pioneer smart curtain in the market. With the Slide App, you can open your curtains and close them directly. You can also choose how far the curtains are to be opened. The app also offers the option to set timers. This means that the curtains can be open and closed at certain points in time.

Slide’s smart curtain

This app also features a holiday mode. Here, you can tell the Slide App how long you’ll be gone and then define certain instructions for the curtain to follow when you are gone. As the curtain opens and closes periodically in your absence, burglars will believe that you’re home and they will be deterred.

Somfy Curtains

Somfy is the next generation of smart curtains for homes. They provide motorized curtains which can be controlled easily via the touch of a button. This smart curtain can be controlled using natural voice commands. The smart app also allows for seamless control anytime, anywhere.


This is touted as the ideal solution for conference spaces, training facilities, and boardrooms with strict lighting requirements. It operates quietly and boasts a simple, automated control. It also offers full integration with several motors and a flexible control.

Pros of Smart Curtains

Energy Saving Potential

Some Smart curtains are equipped with solar sensors. This means that they are able to aptly monitor the irradiance and then automatically adjust based on the temperature of the environment. This provides an opportunity to significantly reduce your energy bill.

smart curtain

Improves Elegance and Style

If you’re thinking about boosting the aesthetics of your home without going over budget, installing a smart curtain is one easy way to do so. The operation is also very fluid and noiseless and this makes it an ideal home companion.

It Offers Privacy

Ideally, a curtain serves as the barrier between the outer world and your private space. It keeps prying eyes away from your personal space and gives you the privacy you need. But this is not always so. It is easy to forget and leave the curtain open when sleeping, leaving for work, or traveling. However, the automation of smart curtains means that even when you forget, your privacy is assured.

Existing Market Growth

There’s a growing demand for trendy, novel, and energy-saving windows recently and this has caused several products to proliferate the market. The smart window market is tipped to reach $6.9 billion by 2022 and this value might be exceeded if the need for sustainable development is heightened in the future.

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