What are kinetic chargers and how they work?

What are kinetic chargers and how they work?

What are kinetic chargers and how they work?

Kinetic chargers

Nowadays mobile phones have to be used for longer periods than if there were used as a phone when it is loaded with more functions and higher speeds.

These applications in a mobile phone consume more power and it is not very uncommon to find that a mobile phone needs to be charged once in a day. Sometimes the mobile user may forget to recharge the phone. In such a case, it is necessary for a power outlet to recharging the battery on the “on the go”.

There have been several ideas for finding a solution for such kind of batteries including a wind-up battery and an external battery pack that could recharge the mobile phone.
Recent researches are focused on the idea of developing a battery charger which uses the body motion of the phone user to charge the battery. This idea was first implemented in Japan back in 1980 by Citizen Co. They designed a wristwatch that was powered by the movement of the user. This innovation received a lot of attention but was not commercialized.

Kinetic Charger

In recent years, a new kind of such chargers known as kinetic charger has been developed and introduced to the market. This charger converts the body movements into the electric energy by using piezoelectric crystals and can be used in different ways. This charger can be either used directly to charge a cell phone battery or to charge a power bank which can be used externally to supply another phone. With the current level of technology, these chargers are not yet capable of making a cell phone battery fully charged; rather, they work as an auxiliary charging system to extend the lifetime of the battery while being used.

How does it work?

Different methods can be used for kinetic recharging the phone battery. One such method is implementing a piezoelectric transducer into the phone so that when a user carries the phone during walking, the movement of the phone in his pocket can create sufficient voltage for the charging. This kind of phone can be strapped to the user’s arm.

This kind of kinetic charging is not the only available charging technology for mobiles. Implementation of a built-in transducer and electronic circuitry would increase the cost of the phone and so is not necessarily the best option.

There are also some kinetic charging devices which are separate from the phone. An example of such a device is the Viber burst which is a small computer mouse like package which consists of a piezoelectric component and a battery that stores the energy generated from the movement of the device. Once the mobile phone battery runs down, it is quickly recharged by using the Viber burst.

Different Models of Kinetic Chargers


It is one of the most well-known kinetic chargers available in the market. It has become popular because a fully charged Ampy phone charger provides the user up to 24 hrs extended battery life. The device is charged by the energy generated from everyday movement such as walking and running.


nPower PEG

This device is similar to AMPY charger and works according to the same concept. According to the manufacturer, it can hold up a charger for up to 3 months and it can continuously keep its charging level by using the kinetic energy from our motion.

npower PEG

It is a kind of backup battery for handheld electronic devices that use energy while the user walks, runs or dose other similar activities. It can be stuck to your bag, briefcase or other similar devices. It then gets charged using natural movement vibrations. According to the manufacturer, this charger senses our activities, adapts to it and optimizes the energy harvesting. It has its optimum output within a specific frequency range.

Go- Kin Backpack

This device has two USB ports for charging a device and a power jack for directly charging from an outlet. It consists of a battery indicator light which shows how much power is available. It also has a solar panel which increases its power output by 15-50%.

Go- Kin BackpackGo- Kin Backpack

Smart Boots – the future kinetic charger technology

This product is one of the innovations of a startup company named SoloPower. They created a new design called smart boots. This design consists of a kinetic charger implanted in a specially designed boot which generates power while walking.  By embedding different sensors like GPS sensors, temperature sensors, etc., it can be used for the detection of movement, location, and temperature.

Smart Boots
Smart Boots

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