What are high performance HVAC systems and their benefits?

What are high performance HVAC systems and their benefits?

What are high performance HVAC systems and their benefits?

Energy-hungry systems

The single system which is consuming the most energy in a residential property is the HVAC system. This is why it is so important for every homeowner to seriously consider this issue. It is important to research HVAC systems in order to understand how they function and also what can be done to improve their efficiency as far as energy is concerned. When you find a more efficient way to provide cooling, heating, and ventilation this can save you a lot of money as far as your utility bills are concerned. The reality is that there are so many emerging technologies that anything five years and older can be considered to be out of date and inefficient. To put it very bluntly it might be time to upgrade your existing HVAC system and to transform it into a more sophisticated and high-efficiency HVAC system.

What makes upgrading viable?

At any time when a homeowner makes the decision to replace an existing furnace system with a more efficient and modern system, it is mostly possible to see the difference on your very first utility bill. An important measurement as far as furnace systems is concerned is AFUE which simply translates as annual fuel utilization efficiency. The best AFUE rating which can be accomplished by older furnace systems is around 65%. To look at this in perspective, this means that a whopping 35% of energy is released into the atmosphere without being properly utilized. When one takes a closer look at sophisticated and high-efficiency units, they will quickly notice that these systems have an AFUE rating of between 93 and 98% depending on the system which is chosen. This is resulting in a significantly reduced amount of energy which is wasted. There are two unique benefits, the first is better conservation of the environment and the second is a sizable saving on your energy expenditure.

What about air conditioners?

Just like the above-mentioned furnaces, older models of air-conditioners do not make use of the latest technologies which has been integrated into modern air-conditioners. Those older air-conditioners can, therefore, cost you a lot of money when it comes to paying your utility bill. Seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER is used in order to measure the efficiency of air-conditioning systems. Just like in the case of furnaces, the higher the SEER ratio the larger will be the energy savings. The majority of older systems have a SEER ratio of between 8 to 10. The more sophisticated new models can have a SEER ratio of as much as 25 which will convert to a sizable saving. There are many statistics which will prove emphatically that the latest models of air-conditioners will pay for themselves during the lifetime of that unit. The advantage is affordable air-conditioning providing you with cool and dry air without breaking your budget.

HVAC systemsUser comfort

When it comes to the important issue of user comfort there can be no doubt that the latest technologies which are used in modern HVAC equipment are simply much more efficient than older technologies which are implemented in older HVAC systems. Technologically advanced HVAC systems will consistently provide better-controlled heat management and this will allow for a constant temperature which will be maintained at the preferred level in every room in that family home. Likewise, airflow which issues from that HVAC system will be consistent and humidity will be carefully managed. The result is a family home which is a lot more comfortable for the family who is living there.

What about noise levels?

Anyone familiar with older systems knows that they can be temperamental. Every time they start a new cycle they will rattle and shake and all of these actions will be audible. This will not be the case when homeowners make use of the latest models of HVAC systems. These advanced systems make use of sound absorbing materials which will reduce all of those unpleasant noises. There are so many documentaries warning the global population about the need to conserve our environment. We are seeing that in the current Australian elections many Australian citizens are expressing their concerns about the environment. This is something which every one of us should do because everyone has to take responsibility for this planet. According to statistics, modern systems use approximately 30% less fuel than outdated systems. This is why making use of a sophisticated and technologically advanced system can help to reduce the burden on our natural resources.

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