What Are high-efficiency electric motors?

What Are high-efficiency electric motors?

What Are high-efficiency electric motors?

Rising energy costs

Everything we need is becoming increasingly expensive. This is also the case as far as electricity is concerned. This is why it is important to make use of technologies which are more efficient. This is exactly why premium efficiency electric motors can provide users with substantial benefits. Because they make use of the latest technologies they are more cost-effective to operate. The logical question now is, what will it cost users and how much are they likely to save. Another important consideration will be the national energy act and how it can be used to provide people with even more benefits. There have been so many scams in the past and that is why many people are skeptical. Even when someone from the government approached them with advice regarding their energy usage they are reluctant to cooperate. Since the implementation of the energy act of 1992 people can actually benefit from government assistance. There are several definitions in this law regarding electrical devices and this also includes electric motors. According to this law, all general purpose motors must comply with certain specifications. In reality, any consumer can save a substantial amount of money on its electrical expenses by making use of premium efficiency electric motors.

Some interesting facts about electric motors

When one considers many of the electric motors currently in use it is interesting to learn that over 60% of all electricity consumption in the US is because of electric motors. This converts to a cost of $112 billion every year. It is estimated that with every 1% reduction in electricity usage results in savings of over $716 million. There can be many benefits when energy usage is reduced. This can eventually lead to lower rates and also lower surcharges. When making use of the latest technology electric motors that will lead to substantial savings in maintenance costs. This is simply because better technologies are in use and therefore these electric motors often have longer warranties and they can also be expected to last longer. It is also true that because we are talking about sophisticated technologies new premium efficiency electric motors can cost significantly more than those making use of older technologies. Most consumers will want to justify those additional costs before they make a final decision.

Calculating your savings

According to available statistics when making use of standard efficiency electric motors, the operating cost can be 20 times the original purchase price. When making use of premium efficiency motors the cost will be 12 times the original purchase price. When looking at the running costs of a standard efficiency motor it could consume electricity to the value of more than $57,000 in one year. However, a premium efficiency electric motor will do the same work for less than $55,000. This converts to savings of more than $2000 per year. The price difference can be covered in less than three years. Since 1997 standard efficiency electric motors are no longer manufactured. Any replacements which are required will result in the installation of premium efficiency electric motors. There can be no doubt that any saving will always be very attractive to the consumer. It will be very interesting to understand what makes new motors more energy efficient. It is also important to understand why they cost more than standard motors.

Understanding different technologies

Electric motors are going to lose energy in a variety of ways. Many of these motors make use of copper and overtime efficiency can be lost because of the current passing constantly through those copper wire windings. However, premium efficiency designs make use of larger diameter wires. Therefore, the volume of copper in the electric motor is larger. The problem is more space is required to accommodate all of that copper. More steel laminations are also required to support the additional copper. Furthermore, that rotor and stator core has to be longer and the shell covering of the electric motor must also be enlarged. All of these things cost money and the result in a higher purchase price. There are also other considerations such as magnetic core loss. As far as premium efficiency electric motors are concerned the longer rotor and core can help to decrease magnetic losses but there is also the factor of the laminations. In most of the available standard efficiency motors, there are low carbon steel laminations which allows for electrical loss at 3.0 W/lb. as far as premium efficiency motors are concerned they make use of high-grade silicon steel laminations which are approximately 0.018 in thickness. This is converting to an electrical loss off 1.5 W/lb. this design is significantly more efficient and results in a lot fewer energy losses.

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