What are GPS Trackers and What are their Applications?

What are GPS Trackers and What are their Applications?

What are GPS Trackers and What are their Applications?

Technology has now attained a level of importance where “Nothing is impossible” is now cliché. Tracking your important possessions, keeping a tab on loved ones, or even ensuring the safety of your pets, although mundane, are areas where recent technologies now find the application. One particularly enthralling development is the emergence of GPS trackers.

What are GPS Devices?

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) serves as the backbone for these GPS trackers. They draw on a constellation of network satellites which transmit microwave signals. As a result, we can access the speed, direction, and real-time location of gadgets equipped with the GPS feature, calculating these measurements relative to the stationary satellites. The process of doing this is called Trilateration.

Applications of GPS Trackers

With the many applications of GPS trackers, we begin to wonder how we were able to survive without them. Although the applications are innumerable, here are some of the most common ones.

GPS Trackers are Travel Companions

Some people are born lucky. They’ve flown several times, yet their bags are always in pristine condition. Others do not have their luxury. They lose important documents and material possessions in the process. Yet, it ought not to be so. GPS trackers ensure that your appointments and holiday plans unfold without hitches.

Keep Your Pets Safe

If you could get into the mind of your cute puppy, you’ll learn that she’s not a huge fan of leashes. These pets want to run wild, they want to chase rabbits and squirrels, and enjoy the feel of the woods. But you’re also concerned about their safety. GPS trackers are ideal for this quandary. They allow your pets to run free and also give you peace of mind.

Pet GPS tracker

Prevent Theft of Vehicles and Bicycles

Whether it’s the bicycle you use for your daily workout or your posh car, a GPS tracker is a solid guarantee against theft. All you need to do is to place the tracker in an inconspicuous location and then you receive real-time updates on the itinerary of your thief.  Some GPS trackers go the extra mile and provide you with details of the speed and direction in which the vehicle is going.

Keep an Eye on Elderly Patients

Perhaps, you have elderly folks who stay alone in their homes. A GPS tracker won’t necessarily record their every move or snatch their privacy away from them. GPS trackers can be discrete and easily integrated into their routine, making them comfortable and safe at the same time.

Existing GPS Trackers in the Market

Zobox Beacon

Zobox Beacon

This is an extremely portable, trackable, and highly efficient GPS tracker which boasts a lot of exciting features. For example, it allows the user set Geofences, speed limit alerts, and turn motion alerts. This is in addition to the already impressive GPS monitoring feature.

IMETRIK 3.5G Collect Tracking Device

Tracking Device

This device is developed with industrial-grade components and this causes it to withstand the toughest climate. It is also able to provide the user with details of the location every 13 hours. In case of a power cut or below-par power supply, the device has an inbuilt backup battery which can last between 3 and 6 hours.

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