What are Electronic Trash Cans and their Benefits?

What are Electronic Trash Cans and their Benefits?

What are Electronic Trash Cans and their Benefits?

Since the turn of the 20th century, electronic devices have progressively enriched life on earth. Electronics have provided us with incalculable value, so much so that they can offer great value even in the management of valueless items. In this article, we look at two of the most ingenious applications of electronic principles in the creation of electronic trash cans.

Garbage Sorter

As simple as sorting between recyclable and non-recyclable garbage sounds, people often commit all sorts of blunders for a good number of reasons while doing this. Autonomous, the company behind Oscar, a one-of-a-kind AI-based garbage sorter, claims that one out of four items that people drop in recycle bins aren’t recyclable. Originally an office furniture company, Autonomous is launching out into the AI industry with this ingenious AI-based garbage sorter.

Oscar the A.I. trash

Oscar the A.I. trash

This electronic trash can helps eliminate guesswork in the sorting of recyclable trash items from the non-recyclable ones. The device features a recognition and sorting system with an image recognition camera at the heart of it. When a trash item is dropped in the receptacle, the recognition and sorting system determines whether it’s a recyclable material or not, and places it into one of two bins accordingly. One of the two bins is meant for recyclable items and the other for the non-recyclable items.

And if the system cannot determine the right category for an item, it prompts the user for assistance by lighting up a red LED. Once a user reaches the device to recognize a new item, the information gets saved on a cloud-based AI server that makes the new information available to all other units of the product.

With such AI-based interconnectivity that links every unit of the product to a cloud-based global algorithm, once one device becomes smarter, every other device also becomes smarter. As such, an internet connection is fundamental to the operations of the electronic trash can. In fact, the device does not operate at all without an active internet connection.

smart waste & Recycling System

Smart waste & Recycling System

The electronic trash can’s 1,000-ounce (7.8 gallons) bins come with provisions for trash-bag usage. The trash compartments are composed of biodegradable cardboard shells, and the bins feature compostable liners. The ‘classifying capsule’, as the company dubs it, where the main sorting mechanism is contained, is the only permanent part of the device. The rest of the can, including the cardboard body and bins, are to be replaced every once in a while.

Touchless Electronic Trash Cans

Trash can lids are usually smeared with dirt every so often and can become breeding grounds for disease-causing germs and bacteria. This model of electronic trash cans offers numerous advantages, especially for people who’re all too weary of laying their hands on trash can lids. It comes with a motion sensor which eliminates the need to come into contact with a trash can lid, eliminating any risks of exposure to a germ-harboring trash lid. With this model, you get to touch the trash can only when you’re replacing the trash bag.

Steel Motion Sensing Touchless Trash Can

iTouchless Stainless Steel Motion Sensing Touchless Trash Can

Touchless trash cans also prevent animals such as pets and rodents from invading the trash can and thrashing about the trash can spot. The motion sensors prevent the lid from opening to such intrusive movements. But the capacity of the electronic trash can to prevent the invasion of animals depends on the specifications of the motion-sensing system as well as the cleverness of the probing animal.

Touchless trash cans usually come with an opening that has a wide-enough diagonal length to allow users to easily drop debris. The sensor usually detects movements from many inches away, say 4-15 inches. They’re also designed to avoid false triggers and untimely closures.

Most touchless trash cans come with Open and Close buttons and a hand holder on the lids for manual operations that override the touchless functions.

Touchless trash cans are usually powered by either an AC adapter or batteries. Those powered through batteries come with the advantage of mobility over those powered by AC adapters. You don’t need to keep battery powered touchless trash cans near a power outlet as is required by those powered by AC adapters.

However, the models powered by AC adapters have lower maintenance needs, since you don’t need to replace batteries like in the battery-powered devices. But there are many battery-powered touchless trash bags that integrate energy-saving technologies which allow the batteries to be used for significantly elongated periods.


Electronic trash cans are here to simplify and enhance safety in waste management. From homes to offices and public facilities, these trash cans provide a chic, techy means for rounding up garbage without the usual attendant nuisances of waste management.

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