Top 10 Smart Home Innovations in 2019

Top 10 Smart Home Innovations in 2019

Top 10 Smart Home Innovations in 2019

Smart home innovations 2019 make your home cleaner, healthier, and comfortable place. We promise you a lot of fun if you decide to use them in your house. Stop wasting your precious time and try these new smart home innovations. 

Why Should you Choose Smart Home Gadgets?

Let’s move on and explain what these amazing little helpers can do for us.

Effectively Clean Home with no Effort at All

  1. Robot vacuum and mop, brava jet 240 is the best gadgets in category innovations home care. You will have a perfectly clean home, even if you have a bunch of golden retrievers who are molting all the time. If you have a large part of the apartment or house covered in parquet, then you are probably tired of mopping and vacuuming all the time. But with brava jet 240, you will finally relax because it does it both things correctly and all by itself. For those of you who are still not familiar with smart gadgets, your smart vacuum will do everything even you are not in the house. You can set the time of cleaning however you want.
  2. Having clean clothes will never be faster – smart combo wash and the dry machine will accomplish everything in just 15 minutes. On top of that, with LG smart diagnosis app, you will quickly get troubleshooting ideas that can save your money.
  3. With a smart toilet seat, you can forget quarrels about cleaning the toilet. And that’s not all; it releases beautiful scents and makes the place warm for you. You will spend some money, but it worth it because it may sound bizarre, but we already have proved that this particular item can save relationships.

Vacuum robot

Renew Home Innovations

  1. AmazonWink Hub 2 is a powerful home automation hub that can support many more devices and with a better memory than the previous model. With all these improvements, it also comes more straightforward setup and pairing.

AmazonWink Hub

AmazonWink Hub 2

  1. Amazon Echo Show 5 can play music, movies and have a hands free video calling on voice demand and all that with a new privacy protection system. Accessing Alexa gives a significant possibility of voice commands for all devices that are connected.

Home Innovations which Promote Healthier Life

With home health innovations taking care of health becomes much more manageable. Healthy habits used to be connected to self-discipline and imply a lot of effort and time. This belief now belongs to the past.  With home innovations, a healthy life is more accessible, and there is no more reason to delay a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Dyson’s Purifying Fan is a fantastic discovery that provides healthier air in your home, and we highly recommend it for every indoor space. Our health depends on oxygen intake. Without proper distribution to every cell in our body, our brain can’t function. Additionally, Dyson’s fan can heat and cool the air and still provide air free from microbes.

Dyson’s Purifying Fan

Dyson’s Purifying Fan

  1. There are a lot of innovations dream homes that convert our home to an almost magical place. We want to emphasize something that improves the quality of the sleeping –smart mattress. In this category, Smart Tech Mattress No snoring is a unique and outstanding item because it adjusts the bed until the snoring stops. It improves healthy breathing during sleep. You continuously have these dark circles under eyes because your partner is snoring?  With a smart tech mattress, you will return your fresh appearance.  What is crucial with good quality sleep, you can regain your life energy.
  2. Amongst the most valuable things that can keep our organism healthy is food. Home innovations become necessary for every kitchen because they ensure that the food retains its wealthiest nutrients. Our pick for smart kitchen gadget is smart nutribullet. You can connect it to your smartphone and get precise information about every nutrient of the selected food. This way, you can be sure that you balance your intake with all the necessary ingredients. No more worries that you have insufficient intake of some vitamins or minerals. With nutribullet, you will have your diet in control.

Astonishing Decoration

Decoration of the house gets a new dimension with smart lights, which can change colors, shapes and also combine it with music. With home decor innovations and smart bulbs, you can invoke harmony and balance into your home ambiance.

  1. With a smart bulb, you can adjust the intensity of the light to the ambiance and choose the sound for an alarm clock. Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Multicoloris our choice for indoor lights. Did we mention that with smart light, there is no getting up when you suddenly feel like falling into sleep? Just one touch on the phone, and that’s all you should do before first sleep.
  2. Outdoor smart lite strips are perfect for enlightening your garden. Philips Hue lights strips are easy for setting up in any garden and gives the elegant touch for parties or romantic nights, depending on your preference settings.


Improving the quality of life was is the aim we all aspire. We all deserve some time for creativity, fun, and amusement. Now with smart home innovations, we can at least leave the dull housework to machines at reign and use free time to fulfill our desires. Life can be beautiful, with little help from smart home innovations. If you already tested some intelligent home innovations, please be free to share your experience with us.

Author’s bio: Holly Miller is an interior designer and a big fan of smart home gadgets. She advanced her business with smart home innovations. She invested in her Smart Home, and because of this decision, she discovered her creativity and pottery became her favorite hobby. My Kitchen Advisor – is her favorite site.

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