Medical Devices

Medical Devices Medical Devices Medical Devices

Medical Devices

The medical manufacturing industry is one that is rapidly growing, with segments like orthopedic devices, wearables, and instrumentation enjoying advancement in technology. MEEE Services contributes to this growth with innovation dedicated to providing the best services to the companies and individuals in need.

We understand that launching a new product can be a very huge commitment and this is one issue a lot of companies face when launching a product. However, our firm believes that it is imperative to do the very best in order to get the medical device design into the hands of the people who would benefit from it.

MEEE services follow the ethos of agile development methodology in all engineering disciplines (Human Factors, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, and System Engineering) to solve complex medical device development and design challenges.

Partnering with leading manufacturers and developers, we leverage proven experience in conceiving advanced innovative, automated solutions in medical product development.

MEEE Services is specializing in the creative medical device design, medical device development, prototype generation, and medical device components and assembly fabrication. Our mission is to develop your product ideas and get them out into the market within the shortest possible time without compromising on the quality.

Our Services and Technologies

Medical Device Design and Development

We understand how important the design and development stage is and we diligently assess a plethora of alternatives before we decide on the best approach to take for your product. We make use of the state of the art technologies and simulation kits in the design of your medical device.

Pain Meters

We develop accessible and affordable pain meters used for measuring pain in patients.

Motion Controls

We also develop solutions that help in motion controls; ensuring that the calibration is in order just to avoid any irregularity when the product gets into the hands of the user.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

The aim of our prototyping and development service is to ensure that your product gets into the lab or into the hands of the investors as soon as possible. Our lean production environment means that you get the same manufacturing equipment for the pieces produced; avoiding any discrepancies.

Pumps &Tubing

MEEE Services also provide pumps and tubing systems that work perfectly based on your needs.

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