Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Services Mechanical Engineering Services Mechanical Engineering Services Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Services

Our mechanical design services cover areas such as computer-aided designs (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) using engineering design and analytic software. Our level of expertise allows a diverse range of engineering areas such as 3D modeling, CNC programming, machine tool design and hydraulic systems with complete and detailed calculations compliant with mechanical engineering standards.


Our accurate Computer Aided Designs (CAD) provides our customers with the best services. We’ll beef up your industrial design requests with such services as 2D/3D CAD designs, manufacturing drawings, cutting List and 3D modeling.

3D Modeling:
Our modeling services cover such areas as designing mechanisms, structures, assemblies, accompanied with accurate engineering calculations and analytical assessments compliant to DIN, ISO, and ANSI standards.

Our skilled 3D modelers work accurately with AutoCAD, Solidworks, and 3Ds max to provide 3D models for industrial use, such as 3D printing, CNC Machining, etc.

Manufacturing Drawings:
We provide complete and accurate manufacturing drawings, ready to for submission to factories, workshops or machining centers.

Cutting list:
To facilitate the manufacturing process, you can take advantage of our services in providing cutting lists that allow you to have a better evaluation of the process, for manufacturing and production.


Computer Aided Manufacturing has revolutionized the world of machinery. Our service guarantees quality, speed, time while meeting the complexity of your requests.

Factory Tool Design:
We provide industries, factories and manufacturers with the newest existing technologies and developments in the field of Cutting Tools, conveyers, Carbide blanks, HSS and Titanium coated inserts, holder, cartridge, jig and fixture design.

CNC Programming:
We use SolidEdge for providing G-code lines regarding the CNC equipment both for the milling and lathe as well as considering the cutting tool type, cutting speed, material strength and all kinds of required grindings.

Mold Design
Our extensive knowledge and experience in designing different kinds of molds help us in providing detailed manufacturing drawings after designing and 3D modeling of the molds along with simulating the process for plastic mold injection and analyzing the mold regarding heat resistance, mechanics of material and the cooling system.


Using the newest mechanical engineering analytical software such as Ansys, Catia, Nastran and Abacos, we’ll provide you with our services for simulating systems, calculations and providing engineering data for designing different kinds of mechanisms and mechanical systems.

Machine Tool Design:
New manufacturing and production methods need creative ideas and innovative minds for finding new solutions and designing new mechanisms for machine tools to make more complicated but more accurate and faster machineries with premium quality products, and this is what we do for you.

Conveyor Design:
We can help you design conveyors, how to lift cargo and how to mount the equipment on trailers or other vehicles.

The level of knowledge and know how experienced by our engineers will help you in finding the best solution and premium approaches complicated requirements you may need.

Press tools and hydraulic systems:
Here we have engineers who work with you to provide detailed engineering data for designing press tools and hydraulic systems accompanied with necessary manuals and instructions.

Vehicle design:
There are many new innovations in automobiles and vehicles designs for different requests and for facilitation of job processes. We are here to provide you with accurate designing and consultations for acquiring the best solutions. Our expertise, cover thermodynamic cycles.

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