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Lighting Design

At MEEE Services, we aim to create bespoke, and highly efficient Lighting Designs for whatever function you have in mind. We draw on our wealth of experience, our highly skilled team, and state of the art design tools.
We prioritize strict adherence to regulations just as we seek to satisfy that innate desire to develop designs that surpass your expectations. To this end, we engage thoroughly in correspondence, seeking to understand your needs and the providing feedback based on our experience.
In our years of taking this approach, we have enjoyed tremendous success, becoming a household name for lighting design services.
Some of the services we offer are discussed below.

Stadium Lighting Design

To whom much is given, much is expected. There are large stadiums that will only be functional with the aid of very powerful lights. We are able to design lighting solutions that can aptly transmit luminescence over a long range (as long as 120 meters), ensuring that the full spectrum of the stadium is well-lit. Our designs account for glare factor, avoiding any occurrence of the light spill and light pollution.
Let us help you shine a light on your sporting events with our bespoke stadium lighting design services. With the stakes as high as it can be, we know how important it is to have illuminance that captures every move and every step. This is not just important for athletes but also for spectators. We offer a specially designed, flexible, dynamic, and ever-evolving LED lighting solution for your stadium.
We employ state of the art design tools and facilities and we combine this with the smartest and most hardworking design team to come up with a stadium lighting design that suits the purpose and one that fits your description.

Gallery Lighting Design

There are certain priorities that are considered when building and designing your art gallery, the factor that should top this list is the lighting design. You should see the gallery lighting design as an avenue to further improve the aesthetics of the already beautiful artwork you plan to exhibit in your gallery.
We aim to work hand in hand with you to create a visually appealing and memorable experience that your visitors will remember for a very long time to come. We consider how much space you have to work with, the artwork you have in the gallery, the different sizes of the artwork, and spaces where you plan to install the light.

Exterior Lighting Design

For a while now, lighting design has been an integral part of interior decoration and this is understandable because the different tones, brightness, and control can affect the aesthetics of the home. However, one overlooked aspect is the design of exterior lighting.
Exterior lighting is essentially a way to color your building with drama, beauty, and allure, whether it is during the daytime or at night. We have several aesthetic designs and concepts to share with you and improve the outlook of your building and these designs do not just beautify and personalize, but they also improve the value of your building.
To ensure that our lighting design meets your desired taste, we first form ideas based on the landscape of your building. We ensure that the lighting design accentuates the peculiar features of your building. We then come up with a design of the landscape and use simulation tools to demonstrate the intended outcome. After a series of sketches, we are able to come up with a design that you truly love.

Meeting Lighting Design

In your organization, you have special places designated for meetings and other important gatherings. The design and setup of this particular place are very crucial to the atmosphere in the environment. We understand this and we incorporate the knowledge gained from it over time when designing the lighting for meeting spaces.
We know that the lighting of the room can either foster peaceful cohabitation or hinder productivity in the organization. This is why we consider factors such as the size of the room, the different technology being used in the organization, the light level, and the brightness, and how the lighting is being controlled.
We also ensure that energy conservation is considered when designing light for your meeting room. With a wealth of experience and several satisfied clients we have served over the years, we are confident that we are just perfect for your lighting design needs.

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