Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

We’re undoubtedly in the smart age. Our devices thrive on interconnectedness and IoT has been touted as the fuel for the upcoming digital revolution. Expected to be a $457 billion market by 2020, the internet of things truly offers a lot of promise which you can leverage for your business. At MEEE, our aim is to provide novel, bespoke solutions based on your needs.

What We Offer

MEEE Services is a team of skilled professionals adept in the current technological trends and we can help you with the design, prototyping, deployment, and maintenance of IoT solution based on your business needs. Our solutions are aimed at improving your business or providing a complete transformation where it is needed.

The IoT Solutions We Provide

MEEE Services create turnkey solutions with diverse uses in different industries. Our solutions can be divided into the following parts:

1. The Gadget “Thing”

The most fundamental piece of an IoT solution is the gadget to be connected. You can either provide us with a device or we build such a device.

3. The Connectivity

The type of the connectivity used includes Wi-Fi, LAN, mobile network, Bluetooth, etc. and we are able to provide services on each.

5. The Application

The application uses the input data and provides a user-friendly platform to analyze and manage the data.

2. The Connecting Device

The hardware of the device that is required to connect the thing. It is normally built into or attached to the thing.

4. The Platform Hosting the Solution

When the gadget is connected and can exchange data, a platform is needed to collect that data. If you need help designing this solution, we can assist with that.

6. The Data

The system should be capable of providing the raw data into a real customer value according to his give requirements.

The Industries We Service

Just as IoT solutions find application in a host of sectors (virtually every area), our services span number of industries. Based on our wealth of experience, we have worked with and are also able to work in the following areas;
1. Automotive industry
2. Transportation sector
3. Industrial automation areas
4. Machine remote monitoring and control
5. Smart utilities and smart home systems
6. Safety devices
7. Consumer products.
Do not hesitate to contact us for consultation on how we can be of service to you.

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