Drone Design and Prototyping Services

Drone Design and Prototyping Services Drone Design and Prototyping Services Drone Design and Prototyping Services

Drone Design and Prototyping Services

MEEE Services offers drone design and prototyping services for a wide range of industries, demonstrating dexterity in healthcare, energy, and even the manufacturing sector. We are also blessed with a pool of sophisticated talent who can aptly employ recent, advanced technology to come up with ingenious solutions.
The never-ending sterling reviews provided by our clientele is merely a testament to the results achieved.
At MEEE Services, your idea is as important as our input. To this end, we offer our clients an opportunity to sit together and pitch their suggestions to a team of experts. This is an integral part of the brainstorming process as it allows us to offer insight into how the end-product can be wholly bespoke.
Some of the services we offer include;

Creating Unique Sensors and Their Implementation on the Drone

For the autonomous operation of drones, the most important component is the sensor. We’re adept at the creation and incorporation of the 3 axis accelerometer, the gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, GPS sensor, distance sensor, etc. in your drone.

Consultation and Services for Sources of Energy Other than Battery

If your project is one which demands a flying time that exceeds what conventional batteries can offer, don’t fret. We’re able to offer consultation on the other sources of energy available to you.

Design of Chassis and Choice of the Material

Whether you want wooden propellers or carbon fiber composite parts for your drone, we’re eager to see the project through. In the design of the chassis, we prioritize efficiency and stability, giving you 100% assurance.

Calculation of the Flight Time of Customized Drones

Customized drones are usually preferred by companies as it can be built to specification. One limitation, however, is calculating the accurate flight time. We’re proficient in calculating the flight time of your UAV using the first principles.

Complete Stability Calculation and Simulation

Using novel simulation tools, we’re able to run tests to ascertain the right parameters required to achieve stability.

Consultation on All Types of Drones

The drone market is both competitive and diverse, getting experts who are able to offer consultation on single rotor drones, tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter, octocopters, and other types of drones is no easy feat. Our team of veterans will eagerly meet your needs, irrespective of the type of drone.

Inspection of Drones

Perhaps, you have a drone and you’d like to have it inspected by sagacious eyes, we’ll love to offer our help in this regard.

Functional Prototype and Field Test

This is the final and most important part of the project. It is where we see the smile on your face, the nodding of heads, and the handshake. But before all these, we execute field tests on functional prototypes!
If you’d like to begin a drone design or prototyping project, do not hesitate to contact us.

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