Boiler Design

Boiler Design Boiler Design Boiler Design

Boiler Design

Boilers are available in different designs and this is in a bid to suit the different applications. At MEEE Services, we are committed to designing functional boilers which are appropriate for both residential and industrial uses. The incorporation of advanced technology, a wealth of relevant experience, coupled with the effort of highly skilled professionals help to make this assertion a reality.

Our aim is to provide truly novel designs without necessarily incurring the exorbitant cost of production. In essence, MEEE Services is your one-stop for actualizing your bespoke boiler designs on a budget. We have a team of experts on the ground to maintain correspondence with you along the way, ensuring that you get your desired boiler design.

We offer boiler design services which comprise the following.

Design of Hot Water Boilers

We can design such boilers for restaurants, public buildings, factories, residential compounds based on your needs. The boiler design is such that we factor in cost, functionality, and durability. In addition to this, we assure you of strict adherence to standards for safety.

Design of Hybrid Boilers

In order to provide a cost-effective design, we re-employ the wasted thermal energy in a hybrid configuration. This system can be implemented in industrial facilities where all the wasted power can be reused for the production of steam. Our bespoke design greatly helps in reducing the cost of electricity and the return on investment offsets the cost of installation.

Designing Piping Systems for Boilers

MEEE Services also provides the package for the piping system and this including the plans, calculations and software simulation using such credited software as ANSYS. In making boiler designs, we consider all safety measures and standards in compliance with ASME standards. We are also particular about delivering this service in a cost-effective manner.

Design of Steam Boilers

MEEE Services also provides the design of steam boilers for hospitals, schools, hotels and industrial facilities in a way that matches your needs. We are capable of offering the most suitable systems which incorporate recommendations for energy-efficiency and reduced power consumption. These steam boilers are instrumental in reducing your HVAC and energy bills.
All the storages that we design are compatible with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards with all safety features included.

Thermodynamic Cycles for Steam Boilers

For steam boilers and designing all steam storages under pressure, we are renowned for the level of expertise and professionalism that goes into the design process. We have a great deal of experience in the calculation and designing condenser for Rankine Cycle.
The techniques employed for the implementation of Rankine Cycles are consummate and at the end, we provide the complete package of calculations, plots and design details.

Why Should You Consider MEEE Services for Your Boiler Designs?

  • Our Designs Meet the Stipulated Safety Standards
  • We Provide an Unparalleled Level of Efficiency
  • We can Utilize Wasted Thermal Energy in a Hybrid Configuration
  • We Help You Minimize Fuel Usage
  • Cost Effective Designs Which Fit Your Budget
  • MEEE Boasts an Extensive Team of Veteran Professionals

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