Powering Your Home with a Small Wind Turbine

Powering Your Home with a Small Wind Turbine

Powering Your Home with a Small Wind Turbine

When you combine the cost of fossil fuels with the pollution and climate problems they create, it can all get a bit overwhelming. It is easy to find oneself wondering where to start when dealing with these problems and with energy rates increasing in relation to our today world, a lot of people have been looking in the direction of using small wind turbines to power their homes. This really is an effective way to reduce energy used in our homes, however, in case you don’t see full-scale wind turbines being built nearby, you may need to re-think your environmentally friendly energy strategy, small wind turbines will be much less efficient than large ones.

Now, the term turbine may be a little intimidating. When I think of a turbine, I imagine something large and loud. In terms of a small wind turbine, this is not the case, the equipment can make a little bit of noise, but nothing substantial. Despite the fact that capacities vary, your little power producer will be roughly three to five feet wide from the tip of one propeller to the other. The one region in which residential wind power may be a problem involves height. To make electricity, your turbine needs to get 10 miles an hour of wind. This may sound like a lot of wind power, but it often is not, if you go 20 or 30 feet up in the air.

Nevertheless, should you still think your region will be ideal for utilizing small wind turbines, perform a fast research to find wind maps of your region? These are generally free of charge on the internet and can give an excellent idea on how much power you can generate from the wind.

After you have a good idea concerning the average wind speed, consider the size of wind turbine that will fit your home. For those who have lots of open space, you will have the ability to purchase a larger turbine to take better advantage of the available wind. The most commonly available small wind turbines are rated at 250W, 500W and 1000W, but this doesn’t mean that they will always generate this amount of power. The rating is generally for a relatively high wind speed.

You can easily set up your wind power system at your home. However, that should be done only after getting adequate information regarding how to set up the system, and the best place to do so – and you can learn this from a manual. The manual consulted should also have detailed information regarding the wiring processes, the availability of free batteries and other related accessories at affordable prices. The necessary safety requirements should also be listed in the manual. Once such information is at hand, you can go ahead and install the home wind power system.






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