Special child chair with adjustable height

Project Info


Our company was requested to design a special child chair. The design was requested to be adjustable at different heights. Also, the seat was to be designed in such a way that the child could stand up on it and help her grandmother to wash dishes.


The main challenge in this project was to maintain the balance and stability of the seat for different child movements.


Since a baby constantly makes different movements, its shakings could cause instability in the chair and sometimes lead to unsafe and dangerous situations.  In order to resolve this problem and remove any such threats, the movement of the central gravity of the chair at different positions and height conditions were considered. Since it was not possible to lower the center of gravity and approach it to the ground, the engineers rather increased the distance between the seat legs by calculating the reversal point. This made the chair quite stable under any child movement in the chair.

The other issue that had to be taken care of was not using any hole in the seat where the child could go through it and fall down. This condition would create problems for such situations as in the final height position. This issue was finally fixed by discussing the problem with the customer and then making some corrections in the original design.



Finally, all the necessary documents were prepared for the delivery to the customer to manufacture it by a local manufacturer.

Ed P.
January 31, 2018
Mechanical Engineering