Small Winch for Truck Strap

Project Info


Our company was requested to develop a new small winch that all truck drivers need. Under the normal operational condition, pulling a strap on the load by hand and using a rattle wrench takes a great deal of time and effort.

At harbors and loading points, the speed of loading and preparing the load for transfer is a crucial factor for all drivers because even a few minutes of delay can prevent drivers from driving ahead of others during the loading stage.


The major design challenges for making this design include:

  1. Design simplicity and ease of use for increasing the speed of loading
  2. Small size to make its work comfortable
  3. Low cost
  4. Heavy duty


After reviewing the client’s requirements, the design team decided to make a simple mechanical design instead of designing a device for each winch which would apparently increase the cost and also its complexity. In the new design, the device was working on getting attached to the pulling points. Therefore, instead of using an electromotor for changing the speed of pulling for each strap, a battery powered drill was used to rotate the shaft of the device.

This innovative approach allowed the device to be capable of easily pulling the strap with a tensile load of around 2 Tons. This may sound strange, but this is how it worked.
The tool was later prototyped and tested. Other than the above challenges, the main challenge was how to reduce the high rpm of the drill to a slow rotational speed compatible for pulling the strap while increasing the tensile force. This challenge was indeed resolved by using a worm gear and a planetary gear system.


Final result and impact:

After making numerous simulations and FEA analysis of the final design in Solidworks and Ansys, the product was prototyped and tested. The result was compatible with the calculations.

January 26, 2018
Mechanical Engineering