Remote troubleshooting an electrical guitar

Project Info


Our client requested us to resolve the issue with an overheating problem in the amplifier of his electronic guitar. He requested us to consider the PCB design of the board and find the problem.


Since the client could not send his guitar to us for the actual troubleshooting, the main challenge was doing the work without having any access to the main board. So we had to do the work remotely in contact with the client.


In order to resolve the problem, we started checking the original design. So, we took the design and recreated it in a design software and simulated its performance. It took several different checks and simulations before the problem was found.

Having been satisfied with our engineer’s success in finding the problem, the client requested a solution for this issue and the modification in the original board. This was done according to the client’s request and a new board was designed for the client and the design files were provide to the client.


Considering the remote nature of the project, it took about 3 months to resolve this issue and provide the client with a new design. The client had long been trying to find a solution to this issue and his contact with local electricians had not led to a satisfactory result. Therefore, once he was assured that the problem was solved and the new design was quite functional, he became very satisfied.

Luciano Nigro
April 3, 2018
Electrical and Electronic Engineering