Portable vehicle wash systems

Project Info


We were requested by one of our clients for designing a portable car washer with the following requirements:

  • Being capable of speeding up the washing process for the cases where the car had run on muddy roads.
  • Being able to be used for car wash equipment.


The request for the Portable vehicle wash systems was discussed in a meeting by the design team and among some other solutions, the one that was assessed to be the best option was chosen. The main features of the chosen solution were the followings:

  • The design of this car wash equipment included an open and a closed bracket that could be shortened according to the necessity.
  • The design had a container for maintaining the washing liquid.
  • This container was kept at high pressure.
  • At the end of the arm, two circular shaped brushes were installed that were rotated by the motor.
  • The device could be covered by battery or a charger.

Final Solution and the result

Having finished the design and making the initial prototype of the Portable vehicle wash systems which was tested and after the testing, necessary modifications were made to reduce the manufacturing cost as well as to enhance its function. The final result was a very satisfying portable car washer including all expected functionalities.

B. Haines
February 26, 2018
Mechanical Engineering