Mono Rail Project (ceiling mounted crane)

Project Info


This project is about the installation of a ceiling mounted crane called MonoRail.
The project was designed and implemented for a factory in which a kind of gas is produced.


  • There, the gas tanks of 800 Lbs. weight was supposed to be moved.
  • The general assumption was based on this fact that at any moment, a maximum number of 8 tanks are lifted on each rail.
  • In accordance with the limitations in the factory space, we were limited to a specified number of columns.

Work done:

The bending ratio in each beam was considered to be about 0.02%.
For analyzing and designing the entire system, it was necessary to do static calculations on each beam in accordance with the load acting on each beam.
The amounts were inserted into an Excel table and the necessary calculations were done so that the minimum thickness capable of tolerating the load was determined.
To check and ensure the accuracy of calculations, each beam was simulated in Ansys and Solidworks.




The final design was in full agreement with the requested requirements set by the client. It was provided in details, with enough engineering evidences and in complete accordance with the goals of the client.

July 4, 2017
Mechanical Engineering