Medical Product Development of a Medical Bong Design

Project Info


This is a medical product development project where the client asked our company for designing a special bong for his pharmaceutical purposes. The client also requested the following requirements for the medical design product

  • The bong had to be odorless
  • It was not to create any smoke in the home environment


In order to meet the client’s requirements, we first focused on making a design for cannabis that is one of the most popular bongs because of its capabilities in eliminating some of the harmful substances in cannabis smoke. After that, we focused on the design of the filtering the smoke and the odor.

In handling the filtration stage, we made use of three filters. The 1st filter was to pass the smoke through the water during the inhale and other two other filters were to filter the smoke and the bad odor.

The system work in a way that when the user inhaled, the smoke will travel down into the lung and during the exhale, instead of getting the smoke directly into the air, it will pass through two filters.  The first filter is a paper filter which filters the smoke and the second one is a carbon filter which filters the odor.



The final design was a 35cm height, 450gr glass bong. After finishing the medical design for this medical product development, it was built and the client was quite satisfied with its functions.

Ed Tanner
February 15, 2018
Mechanical Engineering