Making a customized LED strip design

Project Info


We were requested to make a customized LED strip design in a short period of time. The design was to be later prototyped and finally applied for its mass production. Other than the technical requirements, it was requested to be designed in a way that it could be cut on the given cut line between the copper dots with each of the segments working independently.


  1. Designed for flex PCBs (SMT High Power Aluminum Flex)
  2. LED SMD3014 – 6.2W/pcs 2200K SMD3014 -Osram Duris
  3. Length= 500m, width= 10mm
  4. The design could be segmented with each segment working independently
  5. The final design be cost-effective


The design was made in two versions, one with one row and the other one with two rows. Both designs were submitted to the client to choose its desirable option.

In order to proceed with the design, the following points were considered:

  1. For the requested board that was an SMT High Power Aluminum Flex, a copper patch was added on the top and back of the PCB.
  2. The cutting segments were chosen to be 25mm.
  3. Proper thermal resistances were considered for the design to guarantee its safety
  4. For the LED driver, a BCR405U from Infineon Technologies was used. This driver is a linear regulator tailored to drive low power LEDs with a constant current. It has an output current adjustable to 65mA with the supply voltage up to 40V with a high power dissipation of 750mW and so was the right fit for this design.
  5. Based on the features of this LED, the normal working temperature for the design was -20° +45°

The final design took about 3 weeks to get completed. During the design step, different aspects of the work were checked with the client to make sure that all his requirements were met. The final version was submitted to the client for the prototyping and production.

J. Richards
May 17, 2018
Electrical and Electronic Engineering