Hellion multi-LED panel frame

Project Info


The client requested designing a special type of video wall for interior use. Considering the wide variety of video walls with each type designed for a specific application, the client had set some unique features for the design. Some of the major requirements for the design include the followings

  • Weight: Low weight frame for the assembly of 12 LCD (below 2 kg)
  • profile dimensions: 15 mm x 15 mm
  • Base size: 480 mm x 1,280 mm (compatible with majority of panels)
  • Structural Components: Composed of 7 vertical and 2 horizontal rods
  • Electronic components: Raspberrypi2, Linsn RV908 LED receiver card and Linsn T802-2 LED sending card
  • Material: Anodizing coating and long life durability
  • Working voltage: compatible with 12/24V DC
  • Application: Interior use


Some of the main challenges in doing this project were the following:

  • The frame was to be low weight yet very robust and suitable for the protection of LED screens.
  • Flexibility of setup and shape
  • The structure had to be easily assembled in less than 7 minutes
  • The number of panels that could be connected was to be virtually without any limit.
  • It was to be used for multi-LED panels with the capability of expansion to multiples of 12 panels with any configuration


Considering the requirements set by the client, the design team made a thorough research on the existing product in the market. The research was aimed at finding the advantages and disadvantages of each type to make the best option for the customer. This part was the most time consuming and cumbersome task. Having made the research and all viable options, the design team started working on the project and after some preliminary works and modifications made a design that met all design requirements as requested by the client.

The final design was a simple, yet robust and user-friendly product. It was primarily designed for the manufacturers who needed a simple, flexible low cost yet quality product.  

The final design had the following key features:

  • The design aesthetics which made it the best option for interior use such as in offices, galleries, and big halls.
  • Since the frame had made use of pre-manufactured components, working with it was quite simple and it could be easily assembled by anyone.
  • Due to the simplicity of its wire harnessing design, the connection of electrical components could be readily made in a short amount of time without the possibility of any mistake.
  • Since the product had made use of Raspberrypi2, Linsn RV908 LED receiver card and Linsn T802-2 LED sending card, it could work with virtually any customized firmware compatible with Raspberrypi2 providing high software control capabilities.

Results and feedbacks:

The final product received the full satisfaction of the client and was later manufactured and offered to the market. The client also made the following feedback,

“Meee-services has done excellent work for our business. The engineer Admir played a lead role in designing a solution for our hardware and has advised us on all topics ranging from product manufacturing to rapid prototyping. Over the past year, Meee-services has worked on 3 different products for us. Each project had unique material challenges and considerations. We are very happy with the work they have done for our business.”

Joseph Paul Silvashy
January 24, 2018
New York, USA
Electrical and Electronic Engineering