EV charger enclosure design

Project Info


A US power company requested us for the designing the enclosure of an EV charger. The electronics for the charger was already designed and prototyped and so we were asked to make two enclosures for the EV charger:

  1. For outdoor installation (pedestal mount)
  2. For indoor installation(wall mount) in two versions


Each of the above designs were to meet many detailed conditions. However, the major ones included the followings:

  1. Outdoor design dual port
  2. Indoor design single port and dual port
  3. Ease of access to the repairing and troubleshooting of electrical components inside the enclosure according to the following guidelines
  4. No component should be placed in a way where it needs to be removed in order to remove other components with the exception of the power module.
  5. In the dual port configuration, they will be stacked so that in order to remove the inner module, the outer module will be required to remove.
  6. The inner design was to be made in a way that none of the components were to be removed when it was needed to remove other components within the enclosure
  7. The wirings between components were to be well arranged.
  8. The pedestal model was to be capable of mounting two chargers in a back to back position
  9. Designing a system for a proper air circulation needed to remove the heat inside the enclosure
  10. Aesthetics of the product


Due to the wide variety of design options, the design engineer developed several different designs. Each of the designs satisfied the given requirements, yet they had different shapes with their own inner designs. 


Based on the given requirements and having worked on different models, we finally came up with a design that fulfilled all the given requirements. While the main body was mainly designed to be made by hard plastic, there were also some metallic parts including the bracket at the back of the enclosure needed for supporting the weight of the mounting indoor enclosure. The final single and double port outdoor design also came up to be both robust and strong while meeting the aesthetic requirement.

A. Potter
April 24, 2018
Electrical and Electronic Engineering