Designing and Prototyping a Lab Solar Tracking System

Project Info


The client requested the electronic design and the 3D modeling of a solar tracking system for a lab sized solar panel connected to a base and a control system. The bearings were to be designed in a way that they could be produced by a 3D printer.


The customer had requested the whole work to be done in less than three weeks. During this period the PCB design and its programming + the 3D modeling of the base was to be completed and delivered to the customer.

Work was done:

Due to the short amount of time, a team of agile Meee-services engineers composed of electrical and mechanical engineers was assigned to do the work according to the requirements set by the customer. Due to the high level of technical expertise of team members, The work was done and tested successfully in about 2 weeks and all requested design files including the electronic design + 3D modeling of the product were submitted to the customer.
For a good and accurate sun tracking, a quality DC stepper motor was implemented and tested. Also, an Arduino board was used and programmed to move the stepper motor for an accurate tracking.



Result and Feedback:

Since the engineering successfully managed to finish and submit the work one week ahead of schedule, the customer was fully satisfied

Abby Calahan
June 8, 2017
Electrical and Electronic Engineering