Designing and Prototyping a Mini Match Stick Producing Device

Project Info


We were requested to design and prototype a match stick producing device. The device had to be small-sized so that


  1. The device had to produce thick and long sticks that were suitable for such activities as camping and mountain climbing
  2. The device was to be small so that it could fit in a warehouse (cutter 20cm x 15cm x 25cm, and Arranger 45cm x 30cm x 30cm)
  3. The device had to be robust and durable


The first step was to consider the workstream of the production process which included cutting the wooden cubes, arranging them in a mold, moving them in a way that the match heads could move into the phosphorous fluid and then stay upside down so that match heads could get dried.

Using this process the device was designed and prototyped.


The project took about 7 months to get finished and delivered to the client. Some parameters of the final product included the followings.
• Matchstick size: 6mm x 6mm x 50mm
• Cubes size: 1″ x 1″
• Device working voltage: 110 v
• Cutting speed: 80 mm/sec
• Arranging speed: 18 seconds for a mold
• Mold capacity: 120 match sticks
• The material of the device: stainless steel
• The voltage of the arranger: 12 volt
• Arranger type: based on vibration

Bob Robertson
August 28, 2019
London, UK
Mechanical Engineering