Designing an enclosure for network device

Project Info


One of our customers asked us to create an enclosure for a network device that he had built. The enclosure belonged to a device with many inputs and outputs and need to be carefully designed. Besides, the shape of the enclosure was already prepared and the final enclosure design had to be according to the given shape.


Before making the 3D modeling of the enclosure, the design team composed of a product designer and an electronic engineer noticed that some high power electronic components were used in the device and their heat dissipation could have a negative thermal impact on the functionality of the device.  Therefore, a thermal analysis was made to calculate the heat dissipation inside the enclosure to assure that the heating of componence will not cause any adverse effect.

In the analysis, the following parameters were considered:

  1. The dimensions of the enclosure and its ventilation
  2. the heat dissipation of the components inside the enclosure

Detailed analysis showed that the electronic circuitry and its high power electronic components had a relatively large contribution to the heating inside the enclosure which could have an extremely negative effect on the device’s function and even leading to damages to the components. Therefore, in addition to considering openings and vents in the enclosure, some heatsinks were considered for the heat producing components. The final result was in complete agreement with the heat transfer calculations for the device while some modifications had to be made in the original shape.


The final design was successfully finished and prototyped. When the electronic board was mounted inside the enclosure, the heating issue was completely resolved. The client was very pleased with the result of the analysis and the subsequent changes in the initial design.

P. Johnson
July 5, 2018
Mechanical Engineering