Designing a ruler calculator

Project Info


The client requested us making a ruler calculator with all its capabilities. The calculator needed to make basic mathematical operations and be installed on a ruler. The design was intended to be produced and offered to the market for sale.


The body of the ruler was already made by the client and we were requested to make our design according to it.

The PCB type needed to be flex PCB so that it could be enclosed in the enclosure.

The location of the calculator board was very small and the electronic design had to fit in it.


Before proceeding with the actual design, a complete research was done on the similar products in the market by to provide the best solution to the customer.  The work took two weeks to do. The components were properly chosen to meet the dimension requirement.


The client was fully satisfied with the work and provided the following feedback to the company:
“MEEE Services has an extremely strong ability to meticulously perform to the highest standard. Its team player attributes coupled with natural talent enable this project to receive manufacturing acceptance of the product. MEEE not only exceeded standards, he displayed continuous professionalism and produced an outstanding product. MEEE completed each of the milestones in record time-always finishing each task ahead of schedule. Engineers of MEEE maintained excellent communication and their quality of work is impeccable. I will continue to use their incredible talents in all of my projects. Hire them NOW!!!”

B. Loreta
June 3, 2018
Electrical and Electronic Engineering