Designing a resizable holder for a plastic bottle in a product line

Project Info


One of our customers who is a factory owner requested us to help to improve his factory production line by making some modifications to the production rails. His factory was in charge of producing and packing disinfectant liquid in the plastic bottle. The factory’s production line supported six types of plastic bottles of different sizes.  Each of the plastic bottles was filled with the disinfectant liquid, each under a certain device. The problem was with changing the production line as he had to constantly replace the mechanical holders used for each type of bottle and considering a large number of these holders in the production line, changing the holders during the production was a time-consuming process. The client asked for a cost-effective innovative mechanical design that could reduce the time.


After reviewing the production process and based on the client’s requirements, our engineers worked on a solution that could be efficient while cost-effective. Working on some different concepts, the designers finally came up with a simple, practical and low-cost solution that could fulfill all the requirements set by the costumer.

According to this solution, a resizable holder for all types of plastic bottles was designed. With this design, it was possible to just resize the holders used in the production line for each bottle type without actually replacing them in the production line. This solution was much easier than the existing method which would take a lot of time.  


The client was very pleased with the new design, as it considerably reduced the time in changing the holders in the production line for filling different types of bottle. Subsequently and having checked the capabilities of the new system, he also requested us for designing a central mechanical system that could easily change the size of all holders used in the production line together.

Pablo M.
July 18, 2018
Mechanical Engineering