Designing a fitness training Bench

Project Info


One of our customers requested us to design and build a fitness training bench for exercising. He gave us all his requirements for the design.


The main requirements were the followings:

  1. Robustness
  2. Long lifetime and durability
  3. cost-effectiveness
  4. Aesthetics


The main challenge in making this bench was designing the middle part in a way that it could be bent and curved.


Having realized the requirements set by the customer, we went through the design and our main priority was the reduction of the product cost, while other requirements were also to be resolved.

Finally, through close work with the customer, we came up with a design that included all the requirements including its cost-effectiveness. The design was later prototyped and tested for the manufacturing.

The main features of the prototype included the followings.

  1. The product consisted of 29 parts with 5 pads and adjustable rods that could be adjusted to any size
  2. The material used include ST-36 steel which is a foldable steel with a good resistance against the weight of the user.
  3. The product was painted using electrostatic painting method to make it resistant against the environmental moisture.
  4. All parts were welded through arc welding to make it as cost-effective as possible. In order to meet the aestheticism of the product, a professional and high-quality welding was done.
  5. One of the parts was made through injection molding while the other 5 parts were made through CNC turning

The design and its prototyping took about 2 months and the final result was quite satisfying for the client. The client had long tried to get this work done by different designers; however, none of the previous designs were satisfying for him.

James West
June 29, 2018
Mechanical Engineering