Designing a device for packing cylindrical parts of a medical device

Project Info


We were requested by a medical design workshop for designing a device which could arrange and pack piles of scattered cylindrical parts of a medical device.


Based on the original request, the design engineer initially worked on designing a big machine that could compete with the existing packing machines. However, during the course of the design, they came up with an idea for making small devices that could be both more efficient and could constantly work in a production line, even when one of the devices in the line was damaged. The idea was shared with the client and after receiving his approval, the new design was adopted

The final design was a small device and during the course of testing, some minor modifications were made to assure its proper functionality.

An additional electronic design using PWM system was also designed and made to control the speed of the motor that was used to move the belt.


The final 3D design work including the testing and design modifications took about three weeks with an additional 4 weeks for the electronic design before it was delivered to the client. The design was later prototyped by the client and he was fully satisfied with the outcome.

John Willey
July 11, 2018
Mechanical Engineering