Designing a Customized Steamer Oven

Project Info


Our company was requested by one of our clients for designing a specific oven. The oven was to work based on generating steam and cooking foods with steam. The design was to surround food with dry heat and adding steam to the process. The advantage of this system was creating extra moisture that would improve its flavor, texture, and color while preserving the food’s crispiness.


The design was supposed to meet the following requirements:

  1. High Efficiency
  2. Implementation of appropriate Safety systems
  3. Separate stories for food and vegetable cooking
  4. Timer for setting the cooking time
  5. Cost-effectiveness


Based on the client’s requirements, we designed a steamer oven. The design included a boiler and water tank floater inside.  The electronic circuitry for controlling the amount of steam, timer, and heating element was also designed.

The safety issue was resolved by making two different safety systems:

  1. Using a microswitch and an electronic circuit that prevented the device from working in the case of unexpected running out of the water.
  2. Adding pressure sensors to the design so that in case of clogging of outlet conduit, the pressure switch would shut down the machine and prevent any damages to the device.

Regarding the efficiency of the device, three removable metal mesh layers were used in the design for steaming of food and vegetables. These stories were separated with a 1mm stainless steel perforated planes.

The oven was also fed automatically by the municipal water grid, and a water control system was implemented to guarantee the continual entering of the water into the system.


The final result took about 2 months to get completed and it was according to the given requirements. With the size of 30cm x 51cm x 47.63cm, it turned out to be an energy saving device as well as cost-effective. Having received the final design, the client was quite satisfied with the design and made the following feedback to the engineer in charge and MEEE services:
“Kavous from MEEE services has been extremely professional throughout this whole process. I am very impressed with the work and would definitely recommend them to others.”

December 5, 2018
Michigan, US