Designing a customized microscope for checking purified water

Project Info


Our client requested us designing a customized microscope aimed at testing water. The test was to be made on the water coming out of a water purification facility. Drinking water sources can become contaminated, causing sickness and disease and the aim of the client was having a simple yet accurate device for checking the output water.

The design was to be later patented for the production.


The main requirements were the followings:

  1. High magnification and Accuracy
  2. Compatibility with different OSs.
  3. Cost-effectiveness


The microscope chosen for this project had a software named super eye that did not match with RaspberryPi.


Based on the give requirements, our engineering team designed and made a device based on the following specifications:

  1. In this system, the output water was periodically pumped into a small container. A microscope with the magnification of x500 was used to check the water in the container and display it on a monitor. Having checked the water, the operator could simply use a push button to take an image and save it.
  2. In the designed system a RasberryPi was used to do the job.
  3. The reason for choosing RasperryPi was that it could be integrated with any other system and providing flexibility for the client regarding the choice of the operating systems.

The design satisfied all the given condition specially and met the satisfaction of the client.

William H.
February 19, 2019
Texas, US
Mechanical Engineering