Designing a Customized Liquid Level Switch

Project Info


We were requested by one of our clients to design and prototype a customized liquid level switch with the following functionality. When the liquid level switch no longer detected any liquid, an LED light indicator was to turn on, and the power to the pump was to shut off. This was needed to prevent any damage to the pump and the tank was refilled manually.


The requirements for the design included the followings:

  1. Power supply: 24VAC 2A
  2. One Aquatec 24V RO Booster Pump
  3. Madison M8700 Plastic Side-Mounted Liquid Level Float Switch


The design engineer worked on the design according to the above requirements. He also considered including a CN101A timer to prevent instantaneous on/off power switching due to the normal vibrations of the liquid level. The timer was to delay the on/off switching of the power until the status of the liquid level is stabilized. This timer switch can open or close different kinds of electrical devices and power automatically, according to a preset time. The timer is programmable for the desired switching time.


The design was made and prototyped and delivered to the client in one month. She was quite pleased with the final outcome and made the following feedback on the work.
“Ami from MEEE Services was very communicative and easy to work with on making us a wiring diagram, and answering any follow-up questions we had. Thanks for the support!”

Rebecca B.
December 17, 2018
Electrical and Electronic Engineering