Designing a Customized Drone Gimbal

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Gimbal is one of the most important parts in drones, ships, …  It is a support system that makes a drone to always stays in a horizontal condition while moving. In a drone, the gimbal is normally used to reduce vibrations generated by the drone’s motors, and therefore, maintaining the camera’s position stabilized during the drone’s flight. One of our customers asked us to design a customized gimbal for its drone that would fit its requirements.


There are currently different types of gimbals in the market. Actually, most of the big manufacturers either have their gimbals integrated with the drone or sell them through their authorized retailers. Therefore, it is not difficult to find one of them. However, the client needed its own gimbal with the following requirements:

  • It was to be as light as possible.
  • It had to have 2- axis capability, i.e., not compensating Yaw
  • It had to be robust against any accident of stroke.
  • It had to be cost-effective


The design team worked on an initial solution and in order to satisfy the low weight condition, some modifications were done. Having done the modifications, the designers succeeded to reduce the weight to 80% of the original design without losing its robustness. This modification was made possible by replacing the original rotational bearings with lighter ones and also reducing the thickness of the gimbal’s body by half.

The software simulation of the final design showed that the resistance of the gimbal against any sudden stroke was maintained and therefore the robustness requirement was met.


The final design was delivered to the customer and he made it by his own 3d printer. The printed prototype was successfully assembled on his drone, and he was quite satisfied with the work especially he was able to get a design that could be created by a 3D printer without any need to go to big companies’ retailers.

Ben Carson
August 2, 2018
Mechanical Engineering