Designing a billboard for a shop

Project Info


The client requested designing a billboard for its shop. The billboard was supposed to be vertical and long enough to include the client’s ads. The shop was located in a windy location in the US and so it had to be wind resistant.


  • The billboard had to withstand the regional high-speed wind.
  • The production cost had to be minimal
  • Its service and maintenance could be easily made
  • Aestheticism of the final design


While such designs are not difficult to do; however, due to the strong regional wind in the given location, special care and calculations had to be made on the stability and resistance of the design before making the final revision.

The other issue that had to be taken into account was the uniqueness and aestheticism of the product.

In order to fulfill all the requirements the following steps were taken:

  1. The annual wind speed data was obtained from such resources as the local Land-Based Station, NASA meteorological data, the US wind climatology, etc. The data were then analyzed and compared to make sure that the max wind speed is considered. Also, a safety margin for the max. wind speed was taken into account.
  2. In order to make a balance between the design strength and its cost, different types of material and volumes for the structure were considered and compared, and finally, the best option was selected.
  3. Finally, a modern billboard was created with some gaps for passing the strong will and thereby its resistance against any wind.

The design was prepared and checked and finally delivered to the client. It met all the requested requirements client including its resistance against strong regional wind. The final design consisted of 27 Aluminum parts with proper thickness and its size was 6.15 m x 2.341m. It was made by the client and installed in front of his shop.

David S.
April 10, 2018
Toronto, Canada
Electrical and Electronic Engineering