Designing a 120W lensed LED Street Light

Project Info


A client company requested Meee for designing a 120W LED Street light. The LEDs were requested to 135 pcs of 1W SMT 3030 LED Chips with the lens.


Some of the other requirements included the followings:

  1. This street light was to be supplied by the main.
  2. The driver was requested to be MEANWELL LPF series (input voltage 220-240V)
  3. The design was to be placed in a given enclosure.


Some of the considerations in making the design was

  1. Preventing possible LED heat dissipation inside the enclosure
  2. Making the design accurate enough to fit into the board that was already prepared
  3. The connections have to be made in a way that the current and voltage requirements were satisfied.


Having resolved all the design ambiguities with the client, the design team started working on the request.  LED 3030 is Mid-Power LED with High luminous flux in a small area. Therefore, the heating of 135 LEDs in the given enclosure was calculated to make sure that there is not going to be any problem for long time use.

While the calculations showed that considering the metallic enclosure of the street light, there was no problem with the extra heat; the aluminum board was recommended for the manufacturing of the product. 

Also, in order to satisfy the nominal current and voltage, a proper routing was used for the final design.


The final solution received the satisfaction of the client. It was well designed and cost-effective.

Alex S.
March 27, 2018
Electrical and Electronic Engineering