Christmas trees auto watering system project

Project Info


The client required an auto watering electronic design for Christmas trees, which need to be watered for about six weeks. Christmas trees are usually cut about two weeks before Christmas. After being moved to homes, they still need to be watered in order to remain fresh for a couple of weeks. Currently, this is done by manual watering of the tree. The client asked for an automatic watering system so that when the family is out of home for holiday times the watering can be done automatically.


For a fully automatic system, the following requirements were set by the customer

  • The system had to open a water pump when the water level in the tree container get below a certain level
  • The system had to prevent any overflowing of water in the tree container and immediately stop the water pump
  • The system had to stop the pump in case the water level in the water tank was low
  • The system had to operate only by a 9V battery and its sustainability guaranteed for 8 weeks
  • Finally, the price had to be economic


After many discussions about the best solution and considering the fact that the cost of similar products using standard water level sensors was much higher, our engineering team reached a final solution that met all of the above requirements. The final solution which was based on an MCU controlled control board was finally presented to the client, and after receiving his approval The final solution was created and a test prototype was built and practically checked and presented to the customer to assure him about the proper performance of the product.

Result and impacts:

The created solution was unique in the sense that it satisfied the following condition:

  • There was no use of standard sensors and it worked with some simple copper wires as the sensor
  • The system was compatible with any form of water tank and could be attached to the tree stand or the water tank
  • The system had firmware program that prevented any overflowing of water, so the tree owner could leave the home for several weeks being assured that there would be no threat of water flowing the home.
  • The components used in the design were common components available in the market with cheap prices and the overall prototype cost was low enough for prototyping and mass production offering to the market, beneficial for both the client as well as the customers. Since the work fully satisfied the conditions set by the client, and the client is now satisfied with the work, he is now after its mass production.

The client required an auto watering electronic design for Christmas trees, which need to be watered for about six weeks.

June 20, 2015
Electrical and Electronic Engineering