Burglar Alarm

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Burglar Alarm


This inexpensive while efficient burglar alarm was designed in response to a request by a hobbyist named Jeff Richards from TX who had asked for an urgent customized burglar alarm design. The project started and finished over one week with the complete electronic design and prototype according to the requirements set by the client.


The main challenges for doing the project included:

  • Time constraint for the design
  • Budget constraint.
  • The multi-mode functionality of the design requested by the client based on working with normal light, laser light and infrared.


In order to meet all the above requirements for a customizable product as requested by the customer, a Nano Arduino board was used to control the inputs data and the output functions.

The device was designed to include all three modes as requested by the client

The final product was a simple. The inexpensive yet highly efficient device that could be easily assembled and used to find where and when someone entered the house or a private property.


The result was quite satisfying for the client because it met the following factors:
– Low cost as compared to similar product
– Ease of assembly and prototyping
– High efficiency
Having used the design for several weeks, the client told that the system had resolved all his requirements and was very happy about it.

Jeff Richards
July 5, 2017
Electrical and Electronic Engineering