Alabama Dome Project (Structural Analysis and calculation of Geodesic Domes)

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Alabama Dome

This project was implemented for doing the necessary calculations for Alabama Dome Project.
Furthermore, the necessary simulations and analysis were done to have a computational report as a proof or guarantee for the manual calculations, the results, however, were identical.


  • Modeling the big dome in addition to all lateral instruments.
  • The general assumption was based on this fact that the fixtures and structural design all over the file are symmetrical.
  • There were a specified number of columns which must have been taken into consideration during the process of calculations and simulations

Design Assumptions

  1. Joints are constructed from isotropic mild steel.
  2. Bolt diameters, bolt holes and spacings used are homogenous (the same) throughout the structure.
  3. The disc diameter is 6’=183cm
  4. Members are sufficiently squat not to fail in buckling, and bending moments in the structure are negligible.
  5. Bolts are assumed category A: Bearing type, in accordance to EC3 and are designed to withstand predominantly shearing action (due to axial loading).

Work done:

Determination of the basic wind speed velocity for a geodesic dome structure built in Alabama.
Determination of the forces contributed to the self-weight of the structure. These components include all the trusses, elements, joints and the weight of cladding, Wind Loads for Buildings and Structures, Simulations and Calculations.




The following design checks are made in these calculations:
1. The capacity of dome joint against shearing failure.
2. The capacity of bolted connection against shear and bearing failure.
The final design was in full agreement with the requested requirements set by the client.
It was provided in details, with enough engineering evidences to ensure all design principles and engineering criteria.

July 21, 2017
US _ Alabama
Mechanical Engineering