220 V AC Dimmer via Bluetooth and Arduino Controlled by Computer

Project Info


One of our clients who was working for an educational electronic design lab in the US requested a customized functional while cost-effective 220 V AC Dimmer with the option that additional accessories and complementary circuits could be added to the circuit for different applications. The client had also requested that the design is a simple one so that it could be customized by his students according to his given assignments during his electronic lab classes.


  1. The main challenge was designing a cost-effective while functional design.
  2. The other option was to make it easy for customization by students in terms of both the hardware and also the software.
  3. The client had requested the design to be delivered in 3 days.

Work done:

In order to do the job from all available options, the option of making the design using Arduino was selected and worked on. The final solution included the following main components.

  • TRIAC 220v BT136
  • Arduino as MCU for programming the orders
  • Potentiometer 500K
  • Bluetooth Module HC06
  • USB Bluetooth

After that the initial design, it was simulated with Proteus to make assured about its proper function and the result was quite successful.

The next step was making the hardware and embed the firmware in the chip. This stage was successfully finished and tested and the result was quite satisfactory.

See that how it works


The final design was in full agreement with the requested requirements set by the client. It was simple, customizable, and easy for lab tests that met all educational goals of the client.

Having used and tested the design, the client was quite satisfied saying that “Than you for your good help and work. With this product, my lab course was easy to learn and boosted the creativity of students. They learned all aspects of a simple Bluetooth controlled 220 V dimmer and managed to disassemble and reassemble the work until the fully got skilled on the subject.”
“Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end”.

Bryan Smith
June 29, 2017
Electrical and Electronic Engineering